champs Kyle King, Josh Chefalo, and Women's Series champ April Urban

    Kyle King and Josh Chefalo added to their JBT title collections with wins at Laughlin's Riverside Lanes in exciting JBT Mojave Conference action.

   Paul Huether won three matches in the handicap division stepladder finals before his title match tilt with Chefalo.  he began with a 231-184 win over Joey Mogavero.  he followed with a  214-210 squeaker over Austin Albertson, and then got by another tough battle, this time with Marina Stever, 240-236, to advance to the finals.

   Josh, the previous day's winner in Kingman, showed no signs of slowing down, and completed his dream weekend with a 219-183 win over Huether, for his 2nd JBT title of the weekend- a rarity in itself, but especially so in the handicap division.

   Another JBT rarity is the higher-seeded bowlers actually winning matches in our nervewracker format, but that was mostly the case in round one of this format's finals, as #1 Jeff Williams, #2 Kyle King, #5 Cameron Smith, and #4 Kris George all advanced- but Kris' match was the toughest of that bunch, going four nervewracker one-shot rolloff rounds with Zach Hattori before finally escaping 10-9. 

   In the round of eight, #8 Ryan Howard took down Williams in a nervewracker 10-6; #13 Chase Nadeau nervewracked Smith 10-9, while George swept #7 Jordan Ferrer, and King swept Ijams 2-0.

  The Chase-Ryan semifinal came down to a nervewracker, which Howard won 8-7 to advance to his first scratch title match.  The other semifinal was a true clash of the titans, with King sweeping George 245-206 and 268-237, to move on to the finals.

   In the final, King beat Howard 200-184 in round one, and an entertaining second game came down to the 10th frame.  With both bowlers on 4-baggers, Ryan, going first, left a big-4 split which he didn't convert.  Now needing only a mark, King left a pocket 7-10, sending the match to nervewracker.  Kyle's 10-9 win on the first rolloff secured an exhausting 28th title of his JBT career.

   In Women's Series action, April Urban became the 2nd female to win two Women's Series titles with a 234-192 win over Allie Ijams, the other girl with two wins. 

    Thanks as always to the whole crew at Riverside for another fine job welcoming our Tour.  Over $2,000 in scholarships were awarded to junior of all ages and averages- want your piece of the fun? Come on down to the next JBT event- it's as simple as that! 

Riverside Lanes- final results and optional scholarship winners
Mojave Conference  
Scratch Division  
rank name prize
1 Kyle King $340
2 Ryan Howard $115
3 Kris George $100
4 Chase Nadeau $50
5 Jeff Williams $40
6 Allie Ijams $75
7 Cameron Smith $45
8 Jordan Ferrer  
9 April Urban  
10 Matt McHann  
11 Cory Keraly $15
12 DJ Sloan  
13 Rebeca Reguero $30
14 Zach Hattori  
15 Rachelle Davis $15
16 Dallas Leong $30
17 Nathan Shock  
18 Kaitlin Mayall $30
19 Chris Kutcher $15
20 Melissa Huether  
21 Eric Hatchett  
22 Matt Herbert  
23 Alyssa Madrid  
24 Brandon Owen  
25 Andrew Gottlieb  
Handicap Division  
rank name prize
1 Josh Chefalo $200
2 Paul Huether $145
3 Marina Stever $75
4 Austin Albertson $50
5 Joey Mogavero $70
6 Aaron Watkins $60
7 Travis Johnson $110
8 Josh Shoup  
9 Danielle Stewart $30
10 Alexis Atkin  
11 Darcie Staggs  
12 Drew Hanna  
13 Ian Hanuscin $15
14 Chelsea Foreman  
15 Randi Speiler  
16 Marcus Tate  
17 Austin Signoretti  
18 Tyler Ottenschot $15
19 Lindsey Ailport  
20 Kenny Herbster  
21 Taylor King  
22 Dylan Lucas  
23 Kevin DeMaio  
24 Aubrey Calabrese $15
25 Justice Lynch  
26 Shani Snowden  
27 Joseph Cencelewski  
28 Jon Gutierrez  
29 Sabrina Forrest  
30 Brandon Surko $25
31 Nick McCoy  
32 Justin Givler  
33 Krysta Nadeau  
34 Bethany Baker  
35 Drew Stern  
36 James Gabour  
37 Samantha Meyers $50
38 Nicholas Pollak  
Scratch High Games:  
  George 280  
  George 279  
King 278  
Urban 276  
King 268  
Handicap High Games:  
Huether 272  
Gutierrez 272  
Albertson 271  
Stever 267  
Stever 267  
Round Leaders (5 pts. Each)  
Scratch Handicap
1 Williams Gutierrez
2 Williams Gutierrez
3 Williams Huether
4 Williams Huether
5 Williams Huether
6   Mogavero
7   Mogavero
8   Chefalo
High Female:  
Urban 1101  
Davis 1049  
Ijams 1040  
Reguero 962  
Mayall 917