champs Brian Ballard & Tyler Allen

      Bowlers from California and Texas cashed in on their trips to Roswell, capturing JBT titles in New Mexico-Texas Conference action at Town & Country Entertainment.

     Jess Gagliardi opened the scratch division stepladder finals with a 204-197 win over Randy Cote.  Ballard then took over the finals, defeating Jess 242-172, and following with a 257-217 thumoing over another Colorado bowler, Nathan Shock, setting up the title match.

    Top seed William Entsminger began the event with a 286 game, the day's best, and never looked back, leading after every round and grabbing the top seed.  It looked like his 8th finals appearance in 9 events this season was finally going to net him his first title, but needing double-9 to shut out Ballard on the high-scoring pattern, William rung a 10-pin then missed the spare, allowing Brian to cruise to a 235-212 win and his second career JBT title.

    James Scott began his climb up the handicap division stepladder finals with a 218-181 win over Joseph Palma.  Scott and Jonathan Lawson then engaged in a great battle that ended in a 206 tie, with Scott winning the rolloff 48-35 to advance.  Allen then avenged his fellow Amarillo bowler's loss with a 225-223 squeaker over James to advance to his first title match.

    Top seed Ahkeen Williams had also put on quite a show, with his best-ever JBT performance to lead from game 5 on.  However, he faced a tough challenge from Allen, who started with a triple and held his own all match long.  In the tenth frame, Ahkeen's 2-10 split sealed a 253-224 win for Tyler,who captured his first JBT title.

    Big thanks to Brian Casaus and the whole crew at Town & Country for being... well... out of this world hosts (had to throw in a Roswell cliche).  Over $1,200 in scholarships were awarded to bowlers of all ages and averages- want in on the fun?  Come on down to the next JBT event, it's as simple as that!

Town & Country- final results and optional scholarship winners
New Mexico - Texas Conference    
  Scratch Division    
rank name city, state prize
1 Brian Ballard San Diego, CA $230
2 William Entsminger El Paso, TX $235
3 Nathan Shock Thornton, CO $60
4 Jess Gagliardi Alamosa, CO $55
5 Randy Cote Tucson, AZ $30
6 Nick Lee Tucson, AZ  
7 Diego Lucero Santa Fe, NM  
8 Dan Romero Santa Fe, NM  
9 Matt Cormack Woodland Hills,CA  
10 Julian Ortega Roswell, NM  
11 Allie Ijams Flagstaff, AZ  
12 Amanda Falk Tucson, AZ  
13 Tevynn Laws Albuquerque, NM $5
14 Billy Read Albuquerque, NM  
15 Brandon Dye Roswell, NM  
  Handicap Division    
rank name city, state prize
1 Tyler Allen Amarillo, TX $200
2 Ahkeen Williams Las Cruces, NM $115
3 James Scott Roswell, NM $90
4 Jonathan Lawson Amarillo, TX $50
5 Joseph Palma Roswell, NM $40
6 Chris Lewis Roswell, NM $30
7 Kara Casaus Roswell, NM $25
8 Caleb Goehring Amarillo, TX $20
9 Shawn Perry Roswell, NM  
10 Tim Baribeau Rio Rancho, NM $15
11 Kirk Russell College Station, TX  
12 Isaac Holliday Albuquerque,NM  
13 Mason Holman Roswell, NM  
14 Tonia Barela Santa Fe, NM $30
15 Krista Casaus Roswell, NM $15
16 Josh Garcia Roswell, NM  
17 Arielle Palma Roswell, NM  
18 Vickie Metcalk Roswell, NM  
19 Cheyenne Masterson Roswell, NM  
20 Robert Gonzalez Roswell, NM  
21 Lucas Martinez Roswell, NM  
22 Krishawna Casaus Roswell, NM $15
23 Daniel Aguilar Roswell, NM  
24 Mike Romero Santa Fe, NM  
25 Joseph Martinez Roswell, NM  
26 Tad Scott Roswell, NM  
27 Timothy Dominguez Roswell, NM  
28 Faith Main  Roswell, NM  
29 Stacia Cilley Roswell, NM  
30 Stephanie Barela Santa Fe, NM $15
31 Taylor Quintana El Paso, TX  
32 Seth Jaramillo Rio Rancho, NM  
33 Taylor Masterson Roswell, NM  
34 Olivia Silva Albuquerque,NM  
35 Kristina Casaus Roswell, NM  
36 Michael Holliday Albuquerque,NM  
37 Brandy Main  Roswell, NM  
38 Shelby Chenoweth Roswell, NM  
39 Devan Charboneau Roswell, NM  
40 Austin Masterson Roswell, NM  
41 Kyla Casaus Roswell, NM  
42 Alyssa Williams Las Cruces, NM  
43 Eric Sanford Santa Fe, NM  
44 Jacob Gill Albuquerque,NM  
45 Raeanna Romero Roswell, NM  
Scratch High Games:    
  Entsminger 286    
  Shock 266    
  Cote 258    
  Gagliardi 256    
  Cote 253    
Handicap High Games:    
  Lawson 292    
  Williams, Ahk. 286    
  Scott, J 277    
  Lewis, C 275    
  Palma, Joe 268    
High Female:    
  Krista Casaus 984    
  Ijams 983    
  Falk 981    
  S barela 783    
  Kara Casaus 770