champs Stephen Planer & Caleb Goehring

         Stephen Planer and Caleb Goehring captured their first JBT titles in exciting JBT TX-NM Conference action at Lubbock's South Plains Lanes.

         Planer snuck into the fifth and final position for the stepladder finals, then completely dominated in his four matches.  He opened with a  226-172 win over Dan Romero.  The Oklahoman then defeated Nathan Shock 213-181, and followed with a 255-182 win over William Entsminger to reach the title game.

        Brad Pierce took over the top seed after game 6 and hung on throughout matchplay, and Planer's semifinal win set up an interesting situation: we've had lots of friends play each other for titles, and a few teammates as well (the two bowl for the successful West Texas A&M team).  However, this might be the first time we've had two roommates play for the title!  In the match, Pierce struggled early, but Stephen also slowed down from his previous pace.  Brad made a great move to keep the match close, but in the end could not catch all the way up, and Planer's 192-180 gave him his first career win, and likely gave Pierce extra housekeeping chores for a while.

      First-time JBT bowler Patrick Middlebrook opened up the handicap division stepladder finals with a 240-220 win over Tim Baribeau.  Angela Walls then began her quest for a third consecutive JBT title with a 193-174 win over Middlebrook.  Jeremy Larance then stopped the red-hot Walls 228-222 to reach the title match.

     Top seed Caleb Goehring had put on one of the best handicap division performances of all-time during the day, with the 10th highest 5-game score in JBT history, and 3rd highest 8-game total (+477) in JBT history- awesome!  Caleb was able to finish off his dream day with a 237-179 win over Larance for his first JBT title.

    Thanks as always to Jim and the crew at South Plains for their terrific job hosting us. $1,310 in scholarships were awarded to juniors of all ages and averages- want in on the fun?  Come on down to the next JBT event, it's as simple as that!

South Plains Lanes- final results and optional scholarship winners
New Mexico - Texas Conference    
Scratch Division    
rank name prize  
1 Stephen Planer $200  
2 Brad Pierce $115  
3 William Entsminger $175  
4 Nathan Shock $55  
5 Dan Romero $75  
6 Zach Barton    
7 Diego Lucero    
8 Hannah Stedman $5  
9 Bradley Robinson    
10 Katelynn Mulcahy    
11 Tom Crites    
12 Troy Gaudette    
13 Tim Crites    
14 Laef Pendegraft    
15 Billy Read $10  
16 Thomas Gutierrez    
17 Jess Gagliardi    
18 Tanner Palmer    
19 Wendy Shelton    
20 Alex Clark    
21 Andrew Cuevas    
Handicap Division    
rank name prize  
1 Caleb Goehring $200  
2 Jeremy Larance $115  
3 Angela Walls $60  
4 Patrick Middlebrook $50  
5 Tim Baribeau $85  
6 Marcus Oliver $30  
7 Forrest Lockhart $20  
8 Alyssa McCleery    
9 Halie Baribeau $45  
10 Kirk Russell $15  
11 Chelsea Johnson    
12 Tyler Allen    
13 Brooklyn Flatt    
14 Devin Hodges    
15 Michael Mayo    
16 Tyler Houston    
17 Dalton Hooker    
18 Rachel Thompson $15  
19 David Young    
20 Staci Gleason    
21 Matteo Bergonzi    
22 Seth Jaramillo $30  
23 Nathanael Casteel    
24 Zachary Wojciechowski    
25 Jordan Breckenridge    
26 Taylor Behpour    
27 Lacey Shelton    
28 Kristie Rush    
29 Tonia Barela    
30 Braxton Williams    
31 Mike Romero    
32 Stephanie Barela    
33 Isaiah Johnson    
34 Katie Rush $10  
35 Taylor Williams    
Scratch High Games:    
  Entsminger 279    
  D Romero 275    
Mulcahy 259    
Stedman 259    
Lucero 247    
Handicap High Games:    
Goehring 296    
C Johnson 296    
Mayo 285    
Larance 282    
Goehring 275    
High Female:    
Stedman 1035    
Mulcahy 990    
Walls 973    
Thompson 876    
Shelton 845    
Round Leaders:    
Scratch   Handicap
Lucero   C Johnson
Entsminger   Mayo/ Goehring
Entsminger   Goehring
Entsminger   Goehring
Entsminger   Goehring
Pierce   Goehring
Pierce   Goehring
Pierce   Goehring