Scratch champs John DeBenedetta and Zach Hattori; Handicap champs James Hawkins and Justin Givler

    A very high scoring doubles event saw a team of Nevada stars win the scratch title, and an interstate team of JBT stars win the handicap title, at the JBT Mojave Doubles Classic, hosted by South Point.

   Bowlers tore up the South Point house pattern, highlighted in the juniors by Allie Ijams' 289 opener and Alyse mcGinnes' 290 efforts, and trumped by Vegas star adult bowler Steven Villanueva, who opened the event with 300-831, vaulting him and junior partner Brandon Allred near the top of the leaderboard.

   Junior starts Kyle King and Matt Jones opened up the scratch division Baker-format stepladder finals with a 234-183 win over Californians Jeremy Glover and Will Jackson.  Alyse McGinnes and adult partner Jason Heggemeier then got the strike in the tenth to beat King and Jones 237-213.  The tables were turned in the semifinal, as McGinness got the first strike in the tenth but not the second, giving Zach Hattori and John DeBenedetta the 211-204 nailibiting win in the semifinal.

   Top seeds Allred and Villanueva made it an all-Nevada all-star shootout for the title, with carrying the corner pins being the key to victory.  Both teams ended up tied at 183 through 9 frames, leaving it up to the anchor bowlers.  Zach, up first, got his strike, while Villanueva calmly countered with 10 in the pit of his own.  Hattori then mixed up a light hit for strike #2, but Steven's next shot left a 7-pin, giving Zach and John the exhausting 213-203 win, and Zach's 5th career title.

   The handicap stepladder was all about the brother team of Zak and Dylan Lucas.  They opened the finals with a 189-167 win over April Urban and Paul Johnson.  Zak and Dylan followed with a 244-208 win over Brian Ballard and Alicia Sullivan, and reached the title match with a 175-142 win over Samantha and Warren Meyers.

   Justin Givler (AZ) and James Hawkins (CA) combined to form an interesting team, and fulfilled that potential by leading the event through 7 games.  They took advantage of a tiring Lucas team to win the title game 218-183, giving the men in maroon their third JBT titles each.

   Big thanks to South Point for another terrific hosting job, and all the JBT alumni and other adults who took the time to bowl with our juniors, making our Doubles events always some of our most fun each year.  Over $2,500 was awarded to the 68 team field.  Want in on the fun?  Come on out to the next JBT event, it's as simple as that!   

Mojave Doubles- final results and optional scholarship winners    
Mojave Conference        
Scratch Division        
rank name   partner   prize
1 Zach Hattori  $300 John DeBenedetta   $300
2 Brandon Allred $210 Steven Villanueva   $210
3 Alyse McGinnes $100 Jason Heggemeier   $100
4 Kyle King $65 Matt Jones $50 $115
5 Jeremy Glover $80 Will Jackson   $80
6 Nathan Panaligan $60 Mike Taylor   $60
7 Rebeca Reguero $15 Steve Sutton   $15
8 Allie Ijams $120 Ed Smaglik   $120
9 Theo Douthit   Martika Cabezas    
10 Chris Kagawa   Jeff Walsh    
11 Kevin Valmonte   Danielle Schilling    
12 Dan Nadeau   Chase Nadeau $50 $50
13 Kris George $120 DJ Sloan    
14 Jeff Belding   Guy Belding    
15 Steven Ashley  $45 Chris Saip   $45
16 Nick Lamek III   Nick Lamek Jr    
17 Matt Cormack   Mike May    
18 Ryan Howard   Bobby Howard    
19 Brandon Dauphinais   Paul Cardinale    
20 Cameron Smith $45 Foster Phandanouvong $10 $55
21 Matt McHann   Mike Dixon    
22 Dallas Leong   Brian Trubiro    
23 Jordan Ferrer   Logan Kennedy    
24 Hannah Chipman   Alyssa Madrid    
25 Andy Reynoso   Cayson Coyle    
26 Bryan Caldwell Jr   Bryan Caldwell Sr    
27 Cory Keraly $15 Brandon Owen    
28 Lindsay Hannasch   Luis Micheri    
29 Kevin Stamey   Erik Matthewson    
30 Shwan Hrisca   Steve Hrisca    
31 Jeff Williams   Robert Williams    
32 Melissa Huether   Merrill Hill    
33 Joey Mortero   Kevin Eppele    
Handicap Division        
rank name   city, state   prize
1 Justin Givler $150 James Hawkins $280 $430
2 Dylan Lucas $100 Zak Lucas $100 $200
3 Samantha Meyers $100 Warren Meyers   $100
4 Brian Ballard $70 Alicia Sullivan $70 $140
5 April Urban $70 Paul Johnson   $70
6 Ryan Yadao $75 Bob Godden   $75
7 Damon Watkins   Aaron Watkins $75 $75
8 Rachelle Davis   Matt Erb    
9 Douglas Csayni $30 Phil Del Monte   $30
10 Aubrey Calabrese $100 Tricia Singer   $100
11 Nicole Wellington   Brandon Faulkenborg  
12 Jon Gutierrez   Josh Chefalo    
13 Bryce Hackney   Paul Huether    
14 Kyle Karpovich   Daniel Cotton $25 $25
15 Lindsey Ailport   Marina Stever $15 $15
16 Steven Slivka   Al Slivka    
17 Brianna Mullins   Turtle Lamotte    
18 Donovan Koff   Justin Koff    
19 Kalani Diliner   Eric Hatchett    
20 Kenny Herbster   Alex Katz    
21 Katelyn Scott   Kevin Weis    
22 Josh Shoup   Kaitlin Mayall    
23 Zac Hochman   John Mortero    
24 Jenny Phandanouvong   Lana Lycan $40 $40
25 Ian Hanuscin $10 Austin Signoretti   $10
26 Tom Barbee   Kathleen Barbee    
27 Dotty Nadeau-Haynes   Krysta Nadeau    
28 Darcie Staggs   Buck Staggs    
29 Chris Kutcher   Teri Haennelt    
30 Bethany Baker   Sue Davis    
31 Eric Demo   Steve Demo    
32 Brian Grupe   Trevor Scheer    
33 Veronica Schleicher   Jared Faulkenborg    
34 Drew Stern   Chris Caouette    
35 Jacob Scheer   Bill Scheer    
Scratch High Games:        
  McGinnes 290        
  Ijams 289        
Hattori 279        
Hattori 278        
Smith 278        
Handicap High Games:        
D Csayni 297        
Koff 291        
Slivka 288        
Cotton 280        
Sullivan 279        
Round Leaders (5 pts. Each)        
Scratch   Handicap    
1 Ijams/Smaglik   Csayni/Del Monte    
2 Allred/Villanueva   Ballard/Sulllivan    
3 Allred/Villanueva   Ballard/Sulllivan    
4 Allred/Villanueva   Ballard/Sulllivan    
5 Glover/Jackson   Ballard/Sulllivan    
6 McGinnes/Heggemeier   Hawkins/Givler    
7 Allred/Villanueva   Hawkins/Givler    
High Female:        
McGinnes 911        
Ijams 897        
Sullivan 896        
Urban 877        
Davis 837