champs Gabrielle Potts & Tim Baribeau

      Gabrielle Potts joined the women's parade, while Tim Baribeau finally won his first JBT title, in exciting JBTaction at Amarillo's Western Bowl.

     Diego Lucero opened up the scratch division stepladder finals with a 226-192 win over Billy Read.  Potts, the early tournament leader, then took over, beating Lucero 224-211, and following with a clutch 234-222 win over Zach Barton to reach the title match.

    Top seed Stephen Planer had already had a dream weekend.  After winning his first title the day before in Lubbock, he fired a 300 in game five, earning an extra $300 on the spot, cashing in our $300 for 300 bonus, and used that big game to earn the top seed.  However, he had a tough challenger in Potts, who continued to throw the ball great in a 224-208 win over Planer for her first JBT title.  She becomes the ninth female to win an open scratch JBT title this year, when we've had no more than two in any previous season- way to go, girls!

   Speaking of dream weekends, Caleb Goehring, the previous day's winner in Lubbock, continued a charmed existence by winning a two-frame rolloff over his title match victim Jeremy Larance just to get into the finals.  Once in, he squeezed by Jonah Snell 200-194 to open the stepladder.  Ina well-bowled round two, Caleb got by Mike Romero 243-220.  Goehring followed that with a 235-205 win over Seth Jaramillo to reach his second straight title match.

    Top seed Tim Baribeau was confident he could stop the amazing run by Goehring, and the positive attitude helped him do just that, defeating Caleb 227-199 to claim his first career JBT title.  Both he and Gabrielle earned an extra $100 for throwing Ebonite balls during their victories, so make sure you're throwing our title sponsor's equipment!

   Over $1,800 in scholarships were awarded at the event, which as always was hosted expertly by the crew at Western.  Want in on the fun?  Come on down to the next JBT event, it's that simple! 

Western Bowl- final results and optional scholarship winners
New Mexico - Texas Conference  
Scratch Division  
rank name prize
1 Gabrielle Potts $315
2 Stephen Planer $415
3 Zach Barton $70
4 Diego Lucero $65
5 Billy Read $60
6 Christian Jensen $130
7 Troy Gaudette $10
8 Hannah Stedman  
9 Brad Pierce  
10 Nathan Shock  
11 Bradley Robinson  
12 Tanner Palmer  
13 Tom Crites $15
14 Zach Barnard  
15 Katelynn Mulcahy  
16 Laef Pendergraft  
17 Alex Clark $15
18 Jess Gagliardi  
19 Dan Romero  
20 Tim Crites  
21 Thomas Gutierrez  
22 Andrew Cuevas  
23 Wendy Shelton  
Handicap Division  
rank name prize
1 Tim Baribeau $310
2 Caleb Goehring $115
3 Seth Jaramillo $140
4 Mike Romero $50
5 Jonah Snell $40
6 Jeremy Larance $30
7 Kristie Rush $35
8 Lauren Mansel $16
9 Angela Walls $15
10 Lacey Shelton $10
11 Tyler Allen  
12 Chancellor Hawkins  
13 Brittany Mansel  
14 Tyler Houston  
15 Halie Baribeau  
16 Zachary Wojciechowski  
17 Chris McFarlin  
18 Taylor Williams  
19 Rachel Thompson  
20 Stephanie Barela  
21 Forrest Lockhart  
22 Tonia Barela  
23 Kasidee Olivarez  
24 Katie Rush  
25 Devin Marshall  
26 Braxton Williams  
27 Zackery McFarlin  
28 Kirk Russell  
Scratch High Games:  
  Planer 300  
  Lucero 278  
Barton 269  
Mulcahy 268  
Barton 267  
Handicap High Games:  
Snell 268  
Snell 259  
Jaramillo 254  
Houston 254  
Kristie Rush 253  
High Female:  
Potts 1154  
Stedman 993  
Mulcahy 990  
Walls 954  
L Shelton 887  
Round Leaders:  
Scratch Handicap
Potts Snell
Potts L Shelton
Lucero Baribeau
Potts Jaramillo
Lucero Jaramillo
Planer Jaramillo
Planer Baribeau
Potts Baribeau