champs Christian Jensen and Cody Mansfield

A high scoring day of action at Bowl El Paso saw an Arizonan and a New Mexican walk away with JBT SW titles in our last Texas stop of the season.

The scratch division finals opened with local favorite Stephen Gaucin crushing Andy Byer by a 237-131 margin.  In round two, Justin De Dera squeaked by Gaucin 214-202.  In a semifinal clash between DeDera and BJ Baker, Justin's 7-count in the tenth frame proved costly, as BJ got the 19 pins in the tenth he needed for a 203-202 win to advance to the title match.

Top qualifier Christian Jensen has found the winning formula lately with two wins already this spring.  He easily led qualifying with 6 of 8 games of 225 or better, and began with the first six strikes in the title match to put Baker away early.  The 256-193 final score was good for the fifth title of his JBT SW career.

The handicap division enjoyed a very high-scoring day with 20 of the 65 bowlers scoring +100 or better.  Eight games wasn't enough to determine the finalists, as Carlos Mendez and Joseph Clickener tied for the final spot.  Mendez won the rolloff with a clutch double to grab the #8 seed, and then got himself into another thriller in match two.  After Charlie Elliott finished with a 200, Jesse Henson got the first strike in the tenth for 227, but could only watch as Mendez converted a 4-pin for a 228 game and a one-pin victory.

In round two, Christina Waldron, one of our most improved female bowlers this year, blasted a big 231 to defeat Mark Benson's 202, and finally ousting Mendez, who finished with a fine 214.  In the semifinals, Waldron really got it going, rolling a big 243 to defeat Alex Bell's 170 and Josh Arceo's 169 efforts, advancing her to the title match.

 Top qualifier Cody Mansfield had done most of his damage in the semifinals, and continued on a roll with a strong start in the title match.  The problem for Cody was that Waldron started equally strong, setting up a dramatic finish.  With both bowlers clean and on strings going into the tenth, Waldron filled 20 to finish with a 251 game (after handicap).  Needing spare-6 to win the tournament, Mansfield's first shot left a solid-9, which he converted.  His fill ball came up very high, however, but just broke up a bigger split for the 6-count he needed for the 252-251 victory, and his 2nd career JBT SW title.

Thanks to Wiley Quintana, Bowl El Paso, and many friends of the JBT SW throughout El Paso for a great job in spreading the word and hosting the event! 

Bowl El Paso- final results and optional scholarship winners  
New Mexico-Texas Conference      
Scratch Division      
rank name city, state score prize
1 Christian Jensen Anthem, AZ p 309 $305
2 BJ Baker Tempe, AZ p 205 $130
3 Justin DeDera Las Cruces, NM p 194 $175
4 Stephen Gaucin El Paso, TX p 134 $50
5 Andy Byer Albuquerque, NM p 128 $30
6 Philip Schwartz Oro Valley, AZ p 99  
7 Brandy Silva Albuquerque, NM p 92 $20
8 Jeremy Medina Santa Fe, NM p 34  
9 Justin Medina Santa Fe, NM p 23 $30
10 Jerod Florez Bosque Farms, NM m 101  
11 Bill Grant Rio Rancho, NM m 1  
12 Jacob Kirtley El Paso, TX m 24  
13 BJ Eichensehr El Paso, TX m 25  
14 Sam Cuevas Lubbock, TX m 46  
15 Jay Lent Las Cruces, NM m 46  
16 Alfonso Fuentes El Paso, TX m 57  
17 Ashley Dale Las Cruces, NM m 91  
18 Chris Johnson El Paso, TX m 105  
19 Sarah Carity Phoenix, AZ m 141  
Handicap Division      
rank name city, state score prize
1 Cody Mansfield Albuquerque, NM p 258 $230
2 Christina Waldron Albuquerque, NM p 198 $130
3 Alex Bell El Paso, TX p 252 $110
4 Josh Arceo Albuquerque, NM p 242 $95
5 Mark Benson El Paso, TX p 208 $70
6 Carlos Mendez El Paso, TX p 156 $50
7 Charlie Elliott Santa Fe, NM p 179 $115
8 Jesse Henson Hobbs, NM p 164 $45
9 Joseph Clickener El Paso, TX p 156 $25
10 Thomas Gutierrez Albuquerque, NM p 154 $65
11 Jeremy Baca Albuquerque, NM p 138 $15
12 Nathan Hughes San Jose, NM p 134 $30
13 Alexys Escandon El Paso, TX p 130 $30
14 Amanda Johnson Rio Rancho, NM p 122 $25
15 Susan Kurzeka Albuquerque, NM p 120  
16 Nathan Anderson El Paso, TX p 111  
17 McKenzie Nicolson El Paso, TX p 106  
18 Stone Price El Paso, TX p 104  
19 Aurora Popple El Paso, TX p 102  
20 Sabrina Barton El Paso, TX p 102  
21 Jessica Gibson Hobbs, NM p 91  
22 Austin Pangelinan El Paso, TX p 87 $15
23 Leo Guzman El Paso, TX p 87 $45
24 Danielle Rogers Las Cruces, NM p 79 $15
25 Bailey Mcfarland El Paso, TX p 76  
26 Caitlin Ortiz Las Cruces, NM p 69  
27 Corey Prater El Paso, TX p 66  
28 Michael Hinojosa Las Cruces, NM p 51  
29 Wendy Shelton Albuquerque, NM p 44  
30 Ryan Fast Las Cruces, NM p 41  
31 Jesus Fuentes El Paso, TX p 34  
32 Steven Ortiz Las Cruces, NM p 33  
33 Janine Rogers Las Cruces, NM p 28  
34 Michael Ortiz Las Cruces, NM p 19  
35 Juan Romero Albuquerque, NM p 17 $45
36 Bethlehem Pal-Laya El Paso, TX p 17 $15
37 Lee Nicolson El Paso, TX p 11  
38 Monty Samaniego Las Cruces, NM p 11  
39 Tommie Hall McDonald, NM p 11  
40 Jason Ortiz Las Cruces, NM p 10  
41 Jonathan Frederick El Paso, TX p 21  
42 Kimberley Alonzo El Paso, TX p 7  
43 Julian Ortega Roswell, NM p 6 $15
44 Anthony Tripi El Paso, TX m 2  
45 John Ross Saenz El Paso, TX m 2  
46 Alyssa Williams El Paso, TX m 3  
47 Jennifer Fast Las Cruces, NM m 18  
48 Benjamin Burrs El Paso, TX m 21  
49 Jamie Tillman Hobbs, NM m 23  
50 Austin Mansfield Albuquerque, NM m 26  
51 Travis Gudelj Albuquerque, NM m 32  
52 Brandon Culp El Paso, TX m 36  
53 Heaven Pajala Albuquerque, NM m 38  
54 Bobbi Reich Albuquerque, NM m 39  
55 Annalicia Martinez Roswell, NM m 42  
56 Mark Mares Los Lunas, NM m 51  
57 Janeyl Carper Rio Rancho, NM m 52  
58 Rachel Thompson Albuquerque, NM m 65  
59 Taylor Cruz Santa Fe, NM m 67  
60 Zakary Strickland Albuquerque, NM m 77  
61 Paul Carper Rio Rancho, NM m 89  
62 Jimmy Jones El Paso, TX m 100  
63 Cerra Strickland Albuquerque, NM m 115  
64 Ahkeen Williams El Paso, TX m 184  
65 Jeff Tillman Roswell, NM m 205  
High Female: Silva 1039      
Cuts: scratch -3, handicap +24      
Storm Ball Winner: Janeyl Carper      
High Games: scratch: Baker 278, DeDera 268, Jensen 258; handicap: Gutierrez 291, Johnson 283, Mansfield 269