bowl your first JBT event for


What?  Yes, FREE!    (IF YOU WANT…)




-      The entry fee for most regular season JBT singles events is $40 in handicap, $50 in scratch.

-      For your first JBT event ever, you may forget that and bowl absolutely free. 

-      BUT, if you do so, you will ONLY be competing for the plaques that go to the top four finishers (and the great experience, etc). 

-      You will NOT be playing for the scholarship prizes awarded from the entry fee, or the points you earn at each event.  Points are very important if you become a ‘regular’, helping get you into the big-money Invitationals, TPC, etc.  JBT awards over $200,000 per year in scholarships. 

-      You could still enter optional side events like brackets and earn scholarship prizes that way, and get in our raffles which award bowling balls, and chances at big scholarships as well.

-      A top-4 finish would still count as one of the two top-4 finishes you need to get into a conference’s season-end Invitational tournament.



This incredible offer is for JBT one-day singles tournaments only.  Check the details of an individual event or contact us for any clarification.  JBT reserves the right to cancel or alter this promotion at any time.  You must be ‘in or out’ of the free offer before practice begins at an event.



WOW!  Please spread the word about this incredible opportunity to see what JBT is all about for FREE!  *  ‘Junior Bowlers Tour Southwest’ on facebook