using JBT's scholarship management program, for valid scholarship requests.

*  what's a valid request?   To simplify, it's:

 1) a check written to an educational institution for tuition or books, or

2) a check written to you equal to an amount in proven receipts from an educational institution.

We're a scholarship Tour.  That's what a scholarship is.  :-)


You may check on your JBT scholarship funds, or claim them at any time you are eligible, via this website.   If you'd like a hard copy of your current statement anytime, just contact us and we'll be happy to send you one (it's also below).  Please contact us at if you have any questions.

If you've moved since you last bowled a JBT event, we obviously won't have your current address.  Please contact us anytime to update address, email, or other contact information.

You may request to claim your scholarship money by emailing us the information below to  Please take a moment to review the sample scholarship statement below to see exactly how your funds may be used.  Remember, our website will only list funds won in JBT events (not non-JBT events like your city tournament, state tournament, etc.).  Also, 2006-07 Pac NW events, and select other JBT events (primarily Junior Gold Qualifiers) use the USBC 'smart' accounting system- check the USBC website,, for those funds.  Again, just ask if you have any questions- one of the many reasons we use our own program is so that we can have this one-on-one communication with you.

Note: If you choose to move on to adult bowling, your JBT earnings are NOT forfeited, so you don't need to claim your funds before you 'go adult'.  Once you earn a scholarship, it's yours to claim in the manner below, until your 23rd birthday, whether you are an 'adult' or 'junior' at the time you claim.


TO MAKE A SCHOLARSHIP CLAIM REQUEST:   EMAIL the info listed below to us at, OR print this out, and mail it to: JBT, PO BOX 20011, Seattle WA 98102; OR fax to (888) 400-3350



Current Address (including city and zip code)

Email Address

Amount requested

Who you want the check made payable to

If you want your check sent to a different address other than your current address (which we don't recommend because you don't know for sure exactly when/if the bursars' office receives it, etc.), please note that (make sure it's the full address, who it needs to be made attention to, any ID Numbers, etc):

Please attach in your email a copy of the tuition bill or other eligible expense you are requesting funds for.

If you are requesting the check to be made out to you or a parent and not to the school, you must attach documentation (bookstore receipts, for example) at least equal to the amount you are requesting.

If you can't attach these items in an email, please mail or fax us copies of this information to complete your request.


Notes:   We will reply with a confirmation that we received your request.  This is not necessarily approval of your request, just confirmation that we received it.   If everything's good, we'll send you your check to the address you requested, generally within two weeks, often sooner, depending on the current volume of requests (July-October tend to be busiest), and any secondary research we need to do.  In this age of most everyone using email, please remember it is still not a 100% reliable technology.  If a request is taking longer than expected, we might not have received the email.  You can always call us at 480-748-9299 or fax at 888-400-3350 if you have any concerns about your email.  If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  


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PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING "FINE PRINT" before making your request.  Sending a request implies understanding of and consent to all JBT scholarship rules, including but not limited to the following:

- We make scholarship checks out to an educational institution, or to you as reimbursement for your payments to an educational institution.  Best Buy, for example, is not an educational institution   

-If we are making the check out to an educational institution, your check will be mailed to your home address within 14 business days,  pending verification of funds and eligibility.  

- If we are making the check out to you for a reimbursement, you must first provide us with receipts, tuition bills, etc. on school letterhead in at least the amount you are requesting (so we know that we are reimbursing you for educational funds).  This information may be mailed to us at PO Box 20011, Seattle WA 98102, OR  scans may be emailed to us at,  OR you may fax it to us at (888) 400-3350.  Once we receive this information, checks will be mailed to you within 14 business days, pending verification of funds and eligibility. 


Laptops: To be reimbursed for laptops or other untraditional requests, we MUST have proof that this is a necessary educational expense, not simply a way to play online poker (not that any of you would).  A letter from a school professor, counselor, etc. stating as much will do fine.  Whatever you send, it must be on school letterhead, or verified from a school professor, etc. hat we can double check with.  As such, laptop claims are limited to $700 or less for PC and $900 or less for Mac products..  We try and be as flexible to your needs as possible, but cars are never a claimable expense, nor is rent, electric bills, etc.  We hope you understand.

-Camps: we allow funds to be used for tuition only to any educational-type camp, which as far as we're concerned includes bowling camps.  Be sure to check with your local high school or NCAA regulations (for NCAA females), as usbc's 'smart' doesn't allow this, to our knowledge.  Also, checks written for camps must be for UPCOMING CAMPS, or camps completed within the last 90 days, not for your Dick Ritger Camp tuition from 1981.   Checks can only be made for the value of the 'tuition' to the camp, not travel, food, or lodging expenses, or the cost of balls included in the camp fee.

-Double-dipping / 'cashing out': It has come to our attention that a few folks of poor character have attempted to 'double-dip'- use a receipt to get scholarship funds from one source, and then use the same receipt to get funds from another source.  Also, we have heard of bowlers who request a check larger than what they owe the school, then get a check for cash from the school for the overage.  Not cool.  If we catch you doing either of these things, LEGAL ACTION will be taken to recover funds, and return them to JBT, at which point said funds are forfeited and assigned to other JBT prize funds.   

- We strongly recommend against sending checks directly to schools- you don't know that they got there, and they tend to get lost in bursars' offices.  We will do so, however, if you choose. 

- revisions, etc.:


As the very definition of 'youth bowler' continues to evolve, it is important to JBT to remain, first and foremost, a scholarship organization.  Consequently, it's important that our monetary awards go to directly to educational expenses.  Off-campus housing, therefore, is not a reimbursable expense.  On-campus housing (in other words, a check that can be written to the school) is reimbursable. 


Again, best Buy is not an educational institution.   JBT scholarship checks are either made out to a school, or reimbursements are made for bills from an institution.  As such, the only way a laptop (or any other non-traditional request) is a redeemable expense is if it is bought from the institution itself, or is a mandatory expense for a class.  Thanks to some bowlers unfortunately abusing this rule and the near impossibility to police such violations, this rule will be strictly enforced beginning 8/1/10.  


As the very definition of 'youth bowler' continues to evolve, it is important to JBT to remain, first and foremost, a scholarship organization.  Consequently, it's important that our monetary awards go to directly scholarly expenses.  Scholarships earned after 8/1/10 may only strictly be applied to college, private school, trade school, or other institution of learning considered on a case by case basis.  Books may be reimbursed from a college bookstore or directly associated college bookstore.  Please contact us with any questions. 


Sample scholarship statement:



Congratulations!  Your performance(s) in the Junior Bowlers Tour  have earned you a grand total of the following amount of unclaimed scholarship money as of August 1, xxxx:


 JOE BOWLER $x,xxx


            A bowler may apply for scholarship monies earned upon acceptance to or anytime during college or any institution of higher learning, or private schools requiring tuition, or trade schools, online schools, or similar institutions.   Checks are made payable to your school for any or all of the money in your account, at any time which you are eligible to receive funds.  Funds are for tuition or direct reimbursement for books, and may not be used for bowling tournaments, travel expenses, laptop computers without a note from an educational institution stating that such an item is a necessary educational expense (see above), or other such items.  A spreadsheet with all bowlers’ career and season JBT winnings, claimed and unclaimed, is available at every tournament site, as well as on the website,  Funds are disbursed through Wells Fargo in the "Junior Bowlers Tour, LLC" account..

            Any funds not yet recovered from NSF checks, unpaid entries, etc. will be withheld until payment is made.

Be sure to save this document for your records.  Funds not claimed by the bowler’s 23rd birthday are forfeited and recycled into current JBT scholarship programs unless notification of a request for an extension is received before that time.

It is the bowlers’ responsibility to notify the JBT if you are moving, so materials can be sent to the proper address.  We have provided a post office box for all JBT correspondence.  If you have any questions, or would like to request your money, please contact us through the JBT email at,  or via mail at:   

                                                  Junior Bowlers Tour

                                                                P.O. Box 20011

                                                              Seattle, WA 98102


At that time a check will be mailed to you (made payable to your school) for the amount listed above.  Checks are generally  mailed within 2 weeks of completed requests.


Congratulations again on your accomplishments with the JBT.

Jeff Hemer, Executive Director

Junior Bowlers Tour 

This statement revises and updates all previous statements.  Revised 8-15-19