2018 Main Event average worksheet

We know figuring out which average(s) to submit for Main Event can be complicated, but that's because we want to have the most equitable tournament possible for all averages to compete in.  Here's a step by step chart to figuring it out (note the 'for everyone' step at the end):

Step 1: Are you bowling any handicap events at the Main Event?  If not, you don't have to fill out any of this.  If you are, go on:

Step 2:  Is it before December 1, 2019?  If so, send in your other Main Event paperwork now!  This will guarantee the squad times you want.  Then send in the average paperwork separately, after the December 1 average cutoff date.  You can mail, email, fax, or bring it with you to the tournament (but we suggest doing it ahead of time so we can address any issues which may come up).  If it's after December 1, go on:

Step 3: Do you have 15 or more games of JBT competition in the 2019-20 season as of December 1?  If so, you're done. You'll use that average and we'll have it ready for you at Main Event.  If not, go on:

Step 4: Do you bowl in only one form of organized competition (leagues, tournaments clubs, high school bowling, anything that keeps an average chart) in the 2019-20 bowling season, and do you have 15 or more games in it as of December 1?  If yes, that's the average we need.  Fax, email, mail, or bring with you proof of that average.  If you bowl in more than one thing, go to step 5.  If not, go to step 6.

Step 5: If you have 15 or more games in more than one 2019-20 league / tournament club / high school, etc. as of December 1, 2019, we will use a composite of those averages.  Mail, email, fax, or bring with all current average sheets with you.

The above will take care of the vast majority of cases... but read on: 

Step 6: Is the average you have from step 4 or 5  from a 'sport', 'challenge', 'pba experience', 'junior gold', or any other type of event that uses a non-house lane condition on a regular basis, whether or not it's actually 'sport certified'?   If so, you MUST note that as such on the average sheet you provide, and your average may be re-rated accordingly prior to the start of the Main Event. 

    Step 6a: Keep in mind that a re-rated 'sport' average may end up being higher than your highest 'house' average after the re-rate.   In that case, we'd need (and you'd use) the sport average.  Obviously, this can be confusing.  If you're at all unsure, feel free to submit both (or any and all) averages you have, and we'll be happy to sort it all out for you.

If none of the above apply to you (you don't have 15+ games by December 1 in anything in 2019-20), keep going:

Step 7: If you have no average of 15+ games as of 12/1/19, but you DO reach 15+ games before you come to Main Event, then that is the average you use.  Mail, email, fax, or bring with you the average sheet from the week you reach 15+ games.  As above, you must state if it's a 'sport' average (see step 6). 

Step 8: If you have none of the above, you may use your highest finishing 2018-19 average ('book average') from any form of organized competition, OR (to account for short-season or unusual-season leagues), your finishing average from the most recently completed segment of your league / club, whichever is most recent.  Very few of you will be in this situation, so we suggest contacting us if you are so we can help you through it.

Step 9: If none of the above apply, you'd have to enter at 200 (and receive no handicap), or bowl in the scratch division.

FOR EVERYONE: If you have any finishing average from any form of organized competition in the last five seasons (since 2013-14) more than 10 pins higher than the average you're using given the above steps, you must state that average (and document it according to the steps above).   You cannot bowl at an average more than 10 pins lower than your highest average from the last five seasons.  (Example: if your 2017 Main Event average is 165, but you had a 15-16 average of 200, you would bowl Main Event at 190).   This is a rule employed by many adult tournaments and leagues, to smooth out the differences from center to center, and won't apply to many Main Event bowlers, as juniors tend to improve in average over the years until they are scratch-level, but if it does apply to you, or think it might, be sure to check it out, and contact us if you have any questions.

FOR EVERYONE:  Main Event management reserves the right to further adjust any average arrived at through any of the above steps, prior to a bowler's first squad, and the bowler will be notified of such a change and the reasons why (we don't expect to do this but reserve the right to do so).  Any bowler who bowls at an incorrect average according to the steps above, even if it's just one or a few pins, on purpose or not, will be disqualified and any prizes earned forfeited.  Bowlers will sign on their scorecards that they are aware of all of these rules and that the average they are bowling at is correct under the rules, copies of which will be clearly posted at the event.

Whew!  We know that income taxes are less complicated than this, but in this era of lane conditions dictating scoring pace far more than ever, we want to try and address all the possible situations that may come up.  The goal is to have every bowler at the most recent average that most accurately reflects their overall ability.    Again, if you have any questions at all, please feel free to drop us a line and we'll help you get ready for a great Main Event experience!


DO NOT USE THE AOL EMAIL BELOW!  (We can't figure out how to get rid of it).  Use director@bowljbt.com.