2013 Main Event Girls Scratch Singles

champion Elise Bolton (right) with handicap champ Alexa Lanning & scratch champ Oscar Chan

        Elise Bolton of Merritt Island FL defeated Stephanie Zavala of Downey CA 194-188, to win the Girls Scratch Singles division of the 2013 JBT Las Vegas Main Event, presented by Ebonite International and hosted by Texas Star Lanes.

        #6 Sara Vargas began the stepladder finals with a 211-178 win over #8 Randi Speiler.  In a simultaneous match, #5 Zavala topped #8 Danielle August 189-177.  Round tow saw both lower seeds pulling off upsets, as Vargas beat #4 Danyn Terry 217-168, and Zavala ousted #3 Gaylinn Gaines in a 192-191 thriller.  Top seed Elise Bolton stopped Vargas in the semifinal 188-177, but Zavala kept climbing with a 202-147 win over #2 Shelby Demspey in the other semi, to set up the finale.

        Bolton was looking to become the second two-time Main Event single champ, having won the Girls Scratch event in 2010.  She had her hands full with the hard charging Zavala, though, and could only watch as Stephanie needed just a tenth frame mark to win.  Zavala left the 3-6-9 on the brutal lane condition, and when she couldn't convert, the stunned Bolton claimed a 194-188 win, the title, and the $1,500 top prize.

        Thanks to Dave Wodka and Ebonite International for being a major part of Main Event as well as our year-round Tour, as well as Jerry Francomano and the Texas Star crew for their usual terrific hosting job.  Over $22,000 was awarded over four days of intense competition- make sure to be a part of the 2014 Main Event as well as other terrific JBT tournaments throughout the year!


Rank Last First Prize
1 Bolton Elise $1500
2 Zavala Stephanie $750
3 Dempsey Shelby $400
4 Vargas Sara $200
5 Terry Danyn  
6 Gaines Gaylinn  
7 August Danielle  
8 Speiler Randi  
9 Lieber Correen  
10 Laiwa Chianne  
11 Glazer Leah  
12 Vargas Bree  
13 Martinez Brooke  
14 Schultz Courtney  
15 Shishima Kylie  
16 Goad Kayla  
17 Carr Savannah  
18 Atkin Alexis  
19 Martin Jaymie-Rae  
20 Diaz Sophie  
21 Nakano Kristyn  
22 Duplan Amanda  
23 Deir Brooke  
24 DeVera DeAnza  
re-ent Bolton Elise  
re-ent Laiwa Chianne  
re-ent Lieber Correen  
re-ent Vargas Sara  
re-ent Shishima Kylie  
re-ent Carr Savannah  
re-ent Glazer Leah  
re-ent Martinez Brooke  
re-ent Goad Kayla  
re-ent Schultz Courtney  
re-ent Terry Danyn  
re-ent Atkin Alexis  
re-ent Speiler Randi  
re-ent Nakano Kristyn  
re-ent Martin Jaymie-Rae  
re-ent Diaz Sophie  
re-ent Duplan Amanda  
re-ent Vargas Bree