2013 Main Event Handicap Singles

Champion Alexa Lanning and runner-up Matthew Green

        In a battle of JBT regulars seeking their first singles title, Alexa Lanning of Vancouver, WA defeated Matthew Green of Thousand Oaks, CA 233-224, to win the Handicap Singles division of the 2013 JBT Las Vegas Main Event, presented by Ebonite International and hosted by Texas Star Lanes.

        Scores were high on the handicap lane pattern, and Lanning outscored the field in the finals, starting with a 269 that eliminated Julian Zavala (218) and Jake Tucker (207).  On the other leg of the bracket, KJ Martinez fired 259 to beat Sheri Hill and TJ Rock, each with 229 efforts.  In round two, Lanning beat Jake Mullen 242-22, while Haylee Kriss edged Martinez in a thriller 266-254.  In the semifinals Lanning rolled on with a 238-201 win over Kyle Acma, while top seed Green came on to beat Kriss 252-240, to set up the title match.

        Both finalists bowled very well in the pressure packed finale, and Lanning's turkey in the tenth forced Green to get the first hit in his tenth for the win.  Matt's shot came in light and didn't carry, and Alexa burst into tears of joy with the win, good for the $1,500 first place prize and her first JBT title.

        Thanks to Dave Wodka and Ebonite International for being a major part of Main Event as well as our year-round Tour, as well as Jerry Francomano and the Texas Star crew for their usual terrific hosting job.  Over $22,000 was awarded over four days of intense competition- make sure to be a part of the 2014 Main Event as well as other terrific JBT tournaments throughout the year!


rank last first prize
1 Lanning Alexa $1,500
2 Green Matthew $750
3 Acma Kyle $500
4 Kriss Haylee $400
5 Mullen Jake $350
6 KJ Martinez $300
7 Zavala Julian $250
8 Hill Sheri $200
9 Rock TJ $250
10 Tucker Jake $100
11 Torrence Eric $80
12 Schultz Shauna  
13 Haugh Briley  
14 Hendrickson Talon  
15 McGough James  
16 Pekins Ryan  
17 Ma Michael  
18 Di Panni Anthony  
19 Ponzo Kyle  
20 Chan Andrew  
21 Evans Marguerite  
22 Adler Greg  
23 Starr-Moncayo Jarred  
24 Zweig Leah  
25 Arriola Mandy  
26 Dennis Troy  
27 Long Zach  
28 Goar Christopher  
29 Atkin Amanda  
30 Patten Justin  
31 Wu Jessica  
32 Sellers Samantha  
33 Boyko Bex  
34 Duffy Brandon  
35 Corwin Katelyn  
36 Lee Kristen  
35 Delegarito Gerilynn  
36 Murray Jacob  
37 Corwin Jozef  
38 Ishimoto Russel  
39 Silvey II David  
40 Singletary Mia  
41 Bischoff Haley  
42 McGuire Natasha  
43 Tanaka Naomi  
44 Purdy Alayna  
45 McDonnell April  
46 Franklin Abby  
47 Takahata Laurren  
48 Sylvia Alexa  
49 Pracale-Bermudez Keilani  
50 Paul III Richard  
51 Burries Kendall  
52 Acuff Steven  
53 Yamasaki Kaycie  
54 Condon Nick  
55 Matsumura Tyler  
56 Chin Roslyn  
57 Mette Kevin  
58 Hemming Bri  
59 Motas Jacob  
60 Guba Andrew  
61 Higgins Kevin  
62 Kalvelage Secilia  
63 Reed Kyle  
64 Williams Alyssa  
65 Campbell Audrey  
66 McCleerey Keegan  
67 Portugez Gian  
68 Look Michael  
69 Matsumura Brandon  
70 Peck Cameron  
71 Petersen Carl  
72 Nakagawa Keenan  
73 McCoy Jayson  
74 Smith Michael  
75 Dunster Zehv  
76 Daniels Nathan  
77 Clark-Trubiro Noah  
78 Hedges Tyler  
79 Norwood Brooke  
80 Chui Carol  
re-ent Di Panni Anthony  
re-ent Green Matthew  
re-ent Hill Sheri  
re-ent Kriss Haylee  
re-ent Haugh Briley  
re-ent Schultz Shauna  
re-ent Martinez KJ  
re-ent Adler Greg  
re-ent Ma Michael  
re-ent Sellers Samantha  
re-ent Starr-Moncayo Jarred  
re-ent Pekins Ryan  
re-ent Delegarito Gerilynn  
re-ent Ishimoto Russel  
re-ent Atkin Amanda  
re-ent Zavala Julian  
re-ent Dennis Troy  
re-ent Boyko Bex  
re-ent Purdy Alayna  
re-ent Franklin Abby  
re-ent Takahata Laurren  
re-ent Pracale-Bermudez Keilani  
re-ent Zweig Leah  
re-ent Patten Justin  
re-ent Yamasaki Kaycie  
re-ent Singletary Mia  
re-ent Reed Kyle  
re-ent Campbell Audrey  
re-ent Condon Nick  
re-ent Acuff Steven  
re-ent Paul III Richard  
re-ent Petersen Carl