2013 Main Event Open Scratch Singles

champion Oscar Chan & runner-up Riley Dempsey

        Oscar Chan of Diamond Bar, CA defeated Riley Dempsey of Phoenix, AZ, 229-211, to win the Open Scratch Singles division of the 2013 JBT Las Vegas Main Event, presented by Ebonite International and hosted by Texas Star Lanes.

        Chan just snuck in as the number 10 seed for the finals, and began with a 196 game that just got by #5 Tim Jacob (192) and #7 Michael Coffey (162).  In a simultaneous three-way match, #8 Armando Godoy threw the high game of the entire tournament with a 279 that easily got by #6 Tanner Spacey (170) and #9 Shane Valleau (203). 

        In round two, Oscar won another close one, 195-188 over Zack Hattori, while Godoy won another not-so-close one, 223-169 over Michael Tang.  Top seed Dempsey then slowed down Godoy 201-181, while Chan continued his run with a 184-163 grindout over #2 Brandon Pekins, setting up a title match between two JBT veterans.

        15-time champ Dempsey was looking to add another major title to his excellent resume, while Chan, who has had more than his share of frustrating stepladder losses in his career, was looking to complete the unlikely ladder-climb.  Oscar started with a five-bagger, but Dempsey charged back with a late 4-bagger of his own to make it close.  However, a missed spare from Riley in his tenth sealed his fate, and Chan's 229-211 win earned his his first JBT major, and the $3,000 top prize.

        Thanks to Dave Wodka and Ebonite International for being a major part of Main Event as well as our year-round Tour, as well as Jerry Francomano and the Texas Star crew for their usual terrific hosting job.  Over $22,000 was awarded over four days of intense competition- make sure to be a part of the 2014 Main Event as well as other terrific JBT tournaments throughout the year!


Rank Last First Prize
1 Chan Oscar $3000
2 Dempsey Riley $1500
3 Pekins Brandon $800
4 Godoy Armando $600
5 Hattori Zach $400
6 Tang Michael $350
7 Jacob Tim $300
8 Spacey Tanner $250
9 Coffey Michael $200
10 Valleau Shane $150
11 Chin Riely $100
12 Lindeman Curtis  
13 Low Wesley  
14 Jordan Jr. Jerome  
15 Tang Darren  
16 Anderson Kyle  
17 Brown Chris  
18 Boe Tyler  
19 Acuff Derek  
20 Monnette Brian  
21 Mullen Josh  
22 Leong Dallas  
23 Nakagawa Jonathan  
24 Fujimoto Evan  
25 Schenck Cortez  
26 Fujita Ronnie  
27 Andrews Kennison  
28 Cobine Danny  
29 Duplan Nick  
30 Kanda Justin  
31 Svoren Andrew  
32 Sweigart Harley  
33 Stanley Darren  
34 Duster Kyle  
35 Williams Ahkeen  
36 Koss Kyle  
37 Hatchett Eric  
38 Kellogg Andrew  
39 Crevier Kyler  
40 Lamson Cam  
41 Myers Brandon  
42 Chui Kirk  
43 Devlin Nick  
44 VanDicken Justin  
45 Van Sickle Bryan  
46 Fukumoto Gabriel  
47 Kaune Jacques  
48 Zweig Matthew  
49 Haugh Brennan  
50 Munyon Aaron  
51 Pollack Nick  
52 Balta Drew  
53 Ono Jordan  
54 Alvarez Josh  
55 Seligman Adam  
56 Martinez Zach  
57 Hemming Zach  
58 Andrews Kyle  
59 Nakagawa Keenan  
60 Seagraves Christopher  
61 Hornacek Bobby  
62 Thomas Brendan  
63 Fujita Mike  
64 Gill Jacob  
65 McNeal Tommie  
66 Yoshida Landan  
67 Holley Luke  
68 Gonzalez Michael  
69 Oshiro Kevin  
70 Gill Brandon  
71 Redmon Matthew  
72 Kinzler Jr Randy  
73 Mullen Jake  
74 Schanen Anthony  
75 Newkirk Justin  
76 Wemken Matt  
77 Schleidt Austin  
78 Watanabe Alex  
79 Nadeau Chase  
80 Montoya Randy  
81 Walsh Josh  
re-ent Coffey Michael  
re-ent Dempsey Riley  
re-ent Spacey Tanner  
re-ent Hattori Zack  
re-ent Stanley Darren  
re-ent Fujita Ronnie  
re-ent Chin Riely  
re-ent Fujimoto Evan  
re-ent Sweigart Harley  
re-ent Pekins Brandon  
re-ent Chan Oscar  
re-ent Tang Michael  
re-ent Godoy Armando  
re-ent Schenck Cortez  
re-ent Boe Tyler  
re-ent Duplan Nick  
re-ent Mullen Josh  
re-ent Tang Darren  
re-ent Svoren Andrew  
re-ent Nakagawa Jonathan  
re-ent Monnette Brian  
re-ent Chui Kirk  
re-ent Cobine Danny  
re-ent Jordan Jr. Jerome  
re-ent Devlin Nick  
re-ent Valleau Shane  
re-ent Ono Jordan  
re-ent Anderson Kyle  
re-ent Zweig Matt  
re-ent Haugh Brennan  
re-ent Barta Drew  
re-ent Martinez Zach  
re-ent Kaune Jacques  
re-ent Jacob Tim  
re-ent VanDicken Justin  
re-ent Hornacek Bobby  
re-ent Hemming Zach  
re-ent Kanda Justin  
re-ent Fukumoto Gabriel  
re-ent Andrews Kyle  
re-ent Myers Brandon  
re-ent Seagraves Christopher  
re-ent Fujita Mike  
re-ent Yoshida Landan  
re-ent Gonzalez Michael  
re-ent Oshiro Kevin  
re-ent McNeal Tommie  
re-ent Alvarez Josh  
re-ent Seligman Adam  
re-ent Redmon Matthew  
re-ent Crevier Kyler  
re-ent Kinzler Jr Randy  
re-ent Andrews Kennison  
re-ent Newkirk Justin  
re-ent Holley Luke  
re-ent Schleidt Austin