2015 JBT MAIN EVENT- Girls Scratch Singles

champ Madison Bailey & runner-up Mary Wells

           Talent, not age, was again proven to be the determining factor in bowling success, as 14-year old Madison Bailey captured the Girls Scratch Singles division of the 2015 JBT Las Vegas Main Event, presented by Ebonite International and the Junior Bowlers Tour, and hosted by the South Point Bowling Plaza.

        Bailey qualified 4th for the finals, and defeated #5 Shaianne Yockman and top seed Stephanie Zavala en route to the title game.  On the other side of the finals bracket, #3 seed Mary Wells also won two matches, over #6 Chainanne Laiwa and #2 Bryanna Leyen, to reach the championship game. 

         Wells, a three-time Junior Team USA member from Ohio, struggled to find the right look in the last game, while Bailey, a U12 Junior Gold champ, started strong and was able to roll to the win and the $1,500 scholarship prize that comes with the title.  Wells earned $750 for the runner-up spots.  Over $34,000 was awarded at the 2016 Main Event!

        Huge thanks to all of our sponsors, including Ebonite International, Logo Infusion, Rolltech, The Awards Store, and of course Mike Monyak and the team at South Point for a phenomenal hosting job.  Check out full results, and everything we do almost every week year-round at our website, www.bowljbt.com. We look forward to seeing everyone age 21 and under at South Point Dec 26-31, 2016 for the next JBT Main Event!

2015 JBT Las Vegas Main Event- Girls Scratch Singles
rank bowler prize
1 Bailey, Madison $1,500
2 Wells, Mary $750
3 Zavala, Stephanie $500
4 Leyen, Bryanna $400
5 Yockman, Shaianne $300
6 Laiwa, Chaianne $200
7 Glazer, Leah
8 Wahner, Adel
9 Carr, Savannah
10 Yates, Elise
11 Speiler, Randi
12 Romero, Vanessa
13 Toala, Stefanny
14 Yamada, Saige
15 Berg, Rachael
16 Collins, Brooke
17 Takeyesu, Jaden
18 Atkin, Amanda
19 Leyen, Bryanna
20 Zavala, Stephanie
21 R- Elliot, Crystal
22 Yockman, Shaianne
23 R- Carr, Savannah
24 Speiler, Randi
25 R- Wahner, Adel
26 Wahner, Adel
27 R- Miyaji, Sharyn
28 R- Pineda, Crystalene
29 R- Sanchez, Tyra
30 Toala, Stefanny
31 Terry, Danyn
32 R- Terry, Danyn
33 Pattison, Maranda
34 R- Atkin, Amanda
35 Elliot, Crystal
36 Glazer, Leah
37 R- Sanchez, Tyra
38 Bailey, Madison
39 Miyaji, Sharyn
40 Turner, Claire
41 R- Berg, Rachael
42 R- Pineda, Crystalene
43 R- Pattison, Maranda
44 Carr, Savannah
45 Yates, Elise
46 R- Takeyesu, Jaden
47 Berg, Rachael
48 R- Turner, Claire
49 Laiwa, Chaianne
50 Schultz, Shauna
51 R- Pineda, Crystalene
52 Sanchez, Tyra
53 Saili, Anastasia
54 R- Walik, Haley
55 R- Inafuku, Sydni
56 R- Schultz, Shauna
57 Walik, Haley
58 R- Pattison, Maranda
59 Inafuku, Sydni
60 R-Evans, Marguerite
61 R- Saili, Anastasia
62 Yamasaki, Kaycie
63 Pineda, Crystalene
64 R -Schultz, Shauna
65 Evans, Marguerite
66 R- Collins, Brooke
67 R- Inafuku, Sydni
68 R- Walik, Haley
69 Yamada, Saige
70 Boyko, Bex