To enter the 2021 Las Vegas Main Event, you have 4 options:


1) copy ALL the information we ask for on the entry blank, send it in an email to, and pay via the paypal options below


2)  click here to print the entry blank, fill it out completely, and mail it and payment to:

JBT / Main Event

PO Box 20011, Seattle WA 98102

check or money order payable to: JBT / Las Vegas Main Event, or pay using paypal below.


 3) fax the flyer at this link to (888) 400-3350, and mail payment or use the paypal info below.


 4) give us the entry info requested via any method above, then pay at the tournament by cash or credit card.  Note: if you choose this 'unpaid reservation' method, please be sure to contact us if your plans change and you have to cancel, so we do not create a waiting list where one is not needed.


Please read the complete info and rules before sending your entry in.

If you've already entered and are just entering additional event(s), we only need your name and the additional event(s) you're entering.



        Option 1: Send a check / money order with your entry form, made out to JBT / Main Event, to JBT, PO Box 20011, Seattle WA 98102.

        Option 2: pay at the event by cash or credit card (PLEASE notify us if your plans change so we don't have an unpaid reservation that we don't need!)

        Option 3: Use paypal here to pay now:

Click here to prepay $40 via credit card

Click here to prepay $80 via credit card

Click here to prepay $100 via credit card

Click here to prepay $120 via credit card

  Click here to prepay $200 via credit card

*  There's many different possible totals, of course, so if you wish to pay an amount different from the above, please make multiple payments (a pain in the neck, we know), or you can simply visit and send a specific amount.               

*If you are paying for someone other than the name on the card, please note on the paypal sheet in the 'notes' section who it is for, or drop us an email at and let us know so we can apply the credit to the right account.

That's it!  Please contact us at with any questions. 

Stay up to date on the website, and we'll see you soon!