2006 Main Event Videos

We're proud to present our videotaped finals of the Open Scratch and Girls Scratch divisions.  These came out well, especially the introductions, so please check them out.  The files are huge, but most of you should be able to download them right off the computer.

For just $10 plus postage, we'll send you a DVD of either finals, which comes in a nice case.  Just email us if you'd like a copy! 

To watch them, just click on 'em!

2006 MAIN EVENT GIRLS SCRATCH FINALS- (Emily Maier vs. Kaleena Henning)

2006 MAIN EVENT OPEN SCRATCH FINALS- (Brent Bowers vs. Craig Hanson)


Previous seasons:

2005 MAIN EVENT OPEN SCRATCH DIVISION- (Nathan Panaligan vs. Andrew Koff)