We simply don't have the budget to put flyers out at every bowling center nationwide, so we are almost 100% reliant on YOU to spread the word about the Main Event!


If you'd like us to mail you a pack of flyers, just drop me an email at, and we'll get a pack right out to you!  They'll be about 40 per pack, so if you want more, just let me know!


Be sure to point out to folks that the Main Event is for ANY BOWLER UNDER 22, OF ANY AVERAGE,  not just the 'good' kids.  Most other national-type events don't have a handicap division- we do.  So, don't leave little brother and little sister out!


Also, please make sure to encourage them to visit our website-- it will really help people see what we're all about.


Let me know if you have any questions, and...