December 3
Three weeks until the Main Event!
       It's hard to believe, but 21 days from just about right now, the first squad of the 2009 Main Event will be on the lanes!   We can't wait to see you all, and we hope you're excited as well!
Please be our ambassadors!
        If you have friends and fellow bowlers who are still not sure if they're going to bowl the Main Event, we would love you to be our ambassadors to convince them to bowl.  Here's some key points that we simply don't have the national advertising budget to get across as well as we'd like:
                - This is by FAR the biggest ratio of first place vs. the entry fee in junior bowling.  Just $100 in scratch means you're playing for $5,000 for first- fifty times your entry fee!!!  It doesn't get any better than that.  $80 for $2,000 in handicap, and $100 for $1,500 in girls scratch is pretty darned good too.  The #1 reason people tell us they bowl JBT events are the big scholarships, so it would make sense to bowl the #1 scholarship event.
                - You DON'T have to be there all five days.  Qualifying squads are spread out from Dec 24-27, so no matter what your holiday plans are, most of you will be able to make a schedule that works.  In fact, you can show up as late as the 27th, and still bowl singles, doubles, and team.  There's plenty to keep you busy all week, though- so bowl as little or as much as you want.
                - You DON'T have to bowl singles, doubles, and team- each event is separate.  The main attraction is the singles, but you can bowl only doubles if you want, only team- whatever you want. 
                - You DON'T have to be "good".  Just like our regular season events, any age and any average can compete and succeed.  A lot of folks don't realize that an event like this has a handicap division- it sure does, so don't miss out!
                - Many of you DON'T have the travel expenses associated with other major tournaments.  Junior Gold, just as an example, is a fine event, but 14 days in Indianapolis- yeeouch (sorry, Indy follks).  Especially Mojave, Arizona, and So Cal folks, you are so lucky to have an event of this size locally- for some of you, literally right in your backyard.  To be honest, very few folks from the Mojave area have entered so far.  Hopefully you plan on it and just haven't sent entries in yet.  Especially if you plan on bowling Junior Gold, this event is one of the best simulations you'll get for the actual Junior Gold tournament, and you can get it all done in just a few days.
               We don't have the infrastructure or budget to advertise nationally, so it really is up to you, our bowlers and parents, to make or break this tournament.  We hope you'll aggressively spread the word about Main Event (and all JBT events, for that matter), in order to keep a great tournament growing!  We know times are tough, but I strongly believe that bowling this event is the best 'bang for the buck' we offer.  Thanks in advance for your help.
 Check the entry chart!
        Please continue to check the entry chart at the Main Event section of our website, it's there primarily to make sure that our information matches yours.   Be sure to scan through all the other parts of our website, too, to see what we do on a weekly basis all over the western United States- we'd love to see you at other JBT events as well.
See you soon!
    Have a great early December, and we will see you very, very soon!


November 13
All confirmed entries now posted!
       Hi everyone!  Hope your fall 2009 has been going well.  We're nearing the one month point until the 2009 JBT Las Vegas Main Event, and hope you're as excited as we are for this great tournament to arrive!
       If you've already sent your entry in, your name and squad times are posted at the "Main Event" section of our website,  Please check it to ensure that we have all your information correct.  We will begin to update the confirmed entry chart on a much quicker basis, as the majority of entries come in this time of year.
Handicap Division Average Cutoff is 11/15
      If you are bowling in the handicap division of any Main Event segment, you'll need to provide us with proof of your highest average as of 11/15.  So, if you bowl in a weekend league, your average after this week is what you'll need.   Here's some details on the average requirement:
        - If you have bowled in 09-10 JBT events, we have your 11/15 average and will fill it in for you.
        - For everyone else, remember that we need your highest average as of 11/15.  If you only bowl in one league, it's simple enough.  But please remember we want your highest average from any form of organized competition that keeps an average chart-- leagues, travel leagues, Tours, college, etc.   Also, please note that you're required to tell us if the league you submit is a 'sport', 'pba experience', or any other non-house shot league/event.   If you have any questions as to wether you're submitting the right average, just ask us!  All bowlers who earn a scholarship prize in any handicapped division will have averages re-researched- don't get disqualified because you didn't understand the rules.
        - As far as 'proof', any standard league standing sheet will do.  Don't just bring your USBC card- they will not have the average we need on it.  Some leagues update on website like and scans of those are fine as well.  We will NOT have immediate internet access at the tournament site (we're stuck in the basement), so don't rely on that.
        - We strongly encourage you to send in your 11/15 average BEFORE the event.  You can fax it to us, mail it, scan and email it- all work just fine.  You may just bring it to the Main Event if you like, but you may have to wait on the 'trouble' line (as we affectionately call it), and if you didn't bring the right average it can be a headache, which we all want to avoid- so please consider getting all your paperwork done before you come to Vegas.  Bowlers without correct average and proof are not allowed to bowl the Main Event semifinals.
Rooms still available at Texas Station
        Texas Station, our host hotel, has greatly reduced hotel rates from last season, but they are on a first come first served basis, and it's only a 200 room hotel.  Call 1-800-654-888 and mention JBT Main Event for the rates and availability.
        If you don't want to stay at Texas, Vegas of course has limitless options for all budgets.  Please try our own internet search engine,, for any other travel needs you may have- JBT related or not!  We think you'll like it.
Wipeout, No-Tap Info
       Two other side tournaments are held in conjunction with the Main Event- the Wipeout at the Orleans, and the No-Tap held at Sam's Town.  Neither has information online, but you can call the center and be sent an entry and get information.
        For the Wipeout, squad times are 12/25 at 7 PM (will not overlap our 2 PM squad); 12/26 at 9 AM, 12:30 PM, and 4 PM, with the finals 12/27 at 9 AM.  I'm afraid I don't have squad times for No-Tap yet.
        Wipeout is open to bowlers 21 and under just like ours- I'm not sure about No-Tap.
        It takes a little juggling, but with our many, many squad times, there's plenty of time to get in all 3 tournaments, and all the different events in our tournament. 
See you soon!
        We'll talk to you soon with more info soon as the 2009 Main Event approaches!  Keep up to date on the website,and we'll see you soon!
October 8
Hi Everyone!
       As we swing into October, we start to really gear up for the JBT Las Vegas Main Event- it will be here before you know it!  Here's some tidbits of Main Event info to make note of:
- Check the roster!  At the "Main Event" section of our website,, is our updated roster.  Be to sure to check to make sure we assigned you to all the squads and times you requested.  A few of you sent in paperwork, but didn't request a specific squad.  Please be sure to do that once you are sure of your plans. We are running more squads than last year, but will have fewer people per squad, so don't wait too long to reserve your spot(s).
- Get your hotel!  Texas Station, the host hotel, is only a 200-room property, so if you want to stay there, book early.  They also have offered JBT much lower rates than last year- but have the rates on a 'tiered' schedule- the earlier you book, the better the rate.  Call them and mention the tournament for the details.  If you'd like to stay somewhere else, please consider using our in-house travel site,, as your search engine for hotels, flights, and other travel needs.
- Check out the trophies!   We have some beautiful trophies for our Main Event champs this year-- please check them out on the Main Event section of the website, and start picturing them in your trophy case!
- Get yourself some Main Event shirts!  Rather than just a few shirt options, this year you can get the Main Event logo on any shirt in the extensive JBT catalog!  Please check out the "Merchandise" section of the website, where our new, professional embroiderers have all the information.  These folks have wowed us with their service, and are also out of Las Vegas, so they'll be able to be very hands-on during the event.
- Spread the word!   Those of you who have been to the Main Event before know to expect a high-quality, fun and exciting event for bowlers of all ages and averages, age 21 and under.  We need, need, neeeeed you guys to be our 'ambassadors' and spread the word about our event to every bowler 21 and under in your local leagues, tournaments, etc.   We know this is a tough economy for many, but we also believe that our event is the best cost/value ratio of all the big-money, national level events in junior bowling.  Although the event is five days long, and there's planty going on to keep you busy all those days, you can still come to the event as late as the 27th and still do all 3 events- singles, doubles, and team. So, if time or money is tight, we STILL have a spot for you at the Main Event!
See you soon!   We can't wait for December!  again, thanks in advance for helping to make this a successful event, and we'll talk to you again later as the Main Event approaches!

June 25

Hi Everyone!
      We hope you've had a chance to visit our website,, where at the "Main Event" section you can find all the info you need on the 2009 Main Event!
     Just today, we've added a section where you can now download the actual Main Event flyer- yay!  So,if you'd like to help us (and we hope you all will) by spreading the word and making copies of our flyer, all you need to do is visit the website and print out the flyer!
    Of course, if you'd like to enter the Main Event yourself, you can print out the actual flyer, or right below, print out the online version of the flyer (which is a little less cluttered), and send that in.  You can pay by check, or you can also pay by credit card online too!
     Remember, through July 15, you can take $20 off your singles entry fee- so enter early and save some significant bucks!
     Also, I made one typo in the last update.  I'm still getting used to the terminology of "under 22" myself (weak excuse, but it's all I have).  22 or under means, of course, that the Main Event is open to anyone age 21 or under as of 8/29/08, not 22 or under as I wrote (that would make it an 'Under 23' event).  All the flyers and the website are correct, just the last email had the error.  Sorry about the goof.
   I know I'm laying it on thick, but it's sooooooooooo important that you spread the word, to bowlers of all averages, about the Main Event- if you're going to Gold, Teen Masters, or even just your local summer league.  We don't have the budget to advertise nationally (we'd rather put that in your prize fund instead), so show folks our website, give them flyers- anything you can do is appreciated.
  We'll talk to you again down the road as the Main Event progresses!
See you soon!



We are pleased to announce that details are now available on our website,, for the 2009 JBT Las Vegas Main Event!  Right off the bat, you'll notice the new second name for our tournament:
    The Under-22 World Championship!
    The 2009 Main Event is open to ANY BOWLER age 21 or under as of 8/28/09, regardless of their 'youth' or 'adult' status in the rest of the bowling world.   So, for example, if you're 20 and were shoved into adult bowling by usbc because of their age change, the Main Event is still for you!
     Plus, here's a great discount offer:  ENTER THE MAIN EVENT BETWEEN NOW AND JULY 15, AND TAKE $20 OFF YOUR FIRST SINGLES ENTRY!  That's only $80 for scratch singles, and $60 for handicap singles.  What a great incentive to enter early!  Contact me with any questions on this great promotion!
   Even if you're over 22, or can't make this year's event, we really need you to spread the word about the 2009 Main Event.  Forward this email, ask for copies of our flyers, show folks our website-- this is the only way we can continue to exist, and the only way we can remind folks that the Main Event is for EVERYONE under 22, all averages.   Yes, it's that important.  Thanks in advance for your help.
  Would you like a pack of flyers to distribute at Junior Gold?  Teen Masters?  Buddies Open?  College Tournaments?  Your local Tours and leagues?  Other big events?  Just email me and we'll send however many you think you can get into folks' hands.  Thanks!!!!!!!!!!
   Top scholarship prizes remain at $5,000 for first in Scratch Singles, $2,000 for first in Handicap Singles, and $1,500 for first in Girls Scratch Singles.  The Doubles event also returns, guaranteeing $1,000 for first in scratch and handicap, and our popular 2008 addition- the Team event- returns, guaranteeing $500 for first.   The all-events prize will be back as well, and we will again have a Junior Gold qualifier.  We strongly feel this is the very best prize fund to entry fee ratio in any open-field junior bowling event. 
   Our website continues to be the best way to find out everything you need to know about the Main Event.  Visit us at, and click on the Main Event section to get started.  You can pay for the event online, as well as print out the entry form that you mail in to us, and check out your confirmation too!
   To accommodate all this and to make sure each squad runs on time, we've added an extra day to qualifying, with a 3 PM Singles and  Doubles squad on December 24.  You can, however, still show up as late as December 27 and qualify for December 28's semifinals.  But the more squads and events you bowl, the more you can potentially win, and the more fun and excitement you'll have!  Be sure to check out the new squad times on the website.
   Texas Station is offering even better hotel rates for the Main Event, and those rooms are available now.  They are $30 for 12/24, $75 for 12/25, $60 for 12/26, and $30 for 12/27 and 28.  Not bad.  It's only a 200 room hotel, so book soon.  You can also check out our travel search engine,, to look for details on other hotels.
   At the Main Event section of the website, be sure to read the FAQ page, even if you're a returning bowler.  It has tons of information about the details of the tournament.  Be sure to scan through previous years' Main Event results also.  If I can answer any questions, or if anything is unclear, please contact me anytime. 
    We run tournaments on a smaller scale nearly every weekend, and we have no membership fee, so we'd love to see you at one of our JBT events throughout the year.  We have an event December 29 at Cerbat Lanes in Kingman AZ, about 90 minutes away from Vegas, that is a popular wrapup to Main Event week.  Over the summer, we have the Desert Open - Tour Trials Marathon, a potentially 50+ game test on 5 different sport patterns.  And the east coast JBT runs their Las Vegas Open in August, featuring $4,000 for scratch first and $2,500 for handicap first.  Please check out the 'schedule' section of our website for all the details on our 90+ other great events annually!
   December will be here before we know it- the time to make December successful is right now!  Let us know how we can help you spread the word about Main Event, and in return I promise we're working harder than ever behind the scenes to make the Main Event nothing short of the best junior bowling tournament you've ever been to, period. 
   I hope you've all had a safe and healthy time since we've last chatted, and we look forward to seeing you soon.
All the best,
Jeff Hemer, JBT