champs Mason Sherman & Logan Bain

One of the best title matches in JBT SW history highlighted an exciting day of action at Parkway Bowl.

In scratch division action, first time finalist Forrest Holland opened the stepladder finals with 10 out of 12 strikes for a 263-149 victory over his good friend Chris Fore.  In round two, Theo Douthit took care of Holland 210-170, before Mason Sherman turned the tables on Douthit 215-188, as two late opens sealed Theo's fate. 

Top qualifier Josh Blanchard had just hung on to the #1 seed, but faced a tough challenge in Mason.  Both bowlers had met in many matches in JST and JAT events (and have won plenty each), but this marked their first battle in JBT SW action.  And what a battle it was, as Blanchard was perfect through nine frames except for a 6th frame 9-spare, while Mason strung strikes in frames 3-9 after two opening spare.  In his tenth frame, Sherman threw three perfect strikes- punctuated with a cry of "where you at, Spanky!" to his buddy Josh after the last strike.  Blanchard then needed to throw all three strikes to win by a pin.  After a perfect first shot, his second ball came up high and left a 6-10.  The breathtaking final result was a 278-266 win, good for Mason's first JBT SW title.  The match was, amazingly, only the second-highest-scoring match in JBT SW history, as Andrew Cain beat Hugh Rodman 299-278 in 1999.

In the high scoring handicap division, Daniel Trinh made his first stepladder appearance a success, firing a big 266 to defeat Carlos Vasquez (184) and Enrique Curiel (199).  In round two, Andrew Chain came up with a 234, good enough to defeat Kaitlin Mayall (208) and Trinh (175).  In the semifinals, Eric Warren made his visit from Arizona a success with a 226 game that defeated Chain (193) and Shane Peck (201), advancing Eric to the championship game.

Top qualifier Logan Bain had been at or near the top of the leaderboard all day.  Despite a stout resistance from Warren, Bain was able to carry key shots while Eric struggled to string strikes.  The result was a 235-189 decision in Logan's favor, good for the first title of his JBT SW career.  

Parkway Bowl- final results and optional scholarship winners  
Southern California Conference      
Scratch Division      
rank name city, state score prize
1 Mason Sherman Moorpark, CA p 270 $335
2 Josh Blanchard Upland, CA p 295 $130
3 Theo Douthit San Diego, CA p 252 $70
4 Chris Fore Oceanside, CA p 191  
5 Forrest Holland Escondido, CA p 191 $45
6 Shelby Shirlock Lake Elsinore, CA p 157 $60
7 Jared Lawrence Redondo Beach, CA p 137 $40
8 Ramey Rahib San Diego, CA p 122 $40
9 Brian Carmichael Moreno Valley, CA p 105 $15
10 Kevin Valmonte El Monte, CA p 98  
11 Matt Clune San Diego, CA p 97  
12 Paul Green San Diego, CA p 67 $30
13 Josh Wilson Vista, CA m 14  
14 Brian Ballard San Diego, CA m 87  
15 Danielle Schilling Littlerock, CA p 14  
16 Kacy Bonifacini San Diego, CA p 1  
17 Anthony Diaz San Diego, CA m 7  
18 Daniel Soraci Oceanside, CA m 14  
19 Mark White San Diego, CA m 21  
20 Julian Bosley San Diego, CA m 39  
21 Angelica Diaz San Diego, CA m 45  
22 Michael Cripe San Diego, CA m 51  
23 Matthew Hutchinson Escondido, CA m 77  
24 Jonathan Pletcher Chandler, AZ m 82  
25 Sam Hitchcock Lake Forest, CA m 82  
26 Richard Brown Rancho Santa Margarita, CA m 84  
27 Justin Lou San Diego, CA m 90  
28 Bryan Wasserman Mission Viejo, CA m 140  
29 Brandon Sherman San Diego, CA m 141  
Handicap Division      
rank name city, state score prize
1 Logan Bain El Cajon, CA p 239 $200
2 Eric Warren Phoenix, AZ p 220 $150
3 Shane Peck Riverside, CA p 186 $150
4 Andrew Chain San Diego, CA p 176 $120
5 Kaitlin Mayall Chula Vista, CA p 181 $75
6 Daniel Trinh San Diego, CA p 176 $40
7 Enrique Curiel San Diego, CA p 113  
8 Carlos Vasquez San Diego, CA p 146  
9 Jason Hermann El Cajon, CA p 111 $30
10 Anthony Cruz San Diego, CA p 101 $35
11 Kenny Taylor San Diego, CA p 94 $15
12 Nick Powanda San Diego, CA p 93  
13 Kris George Glendale, AZ p 87 $15
14 Jason Larcome Chula Vista, CA p 81  
15 Lana Lycan San Diego, CA p 81  
16 Jesus Garcia San Diego, CA p 64  
17 Matt Carter San Diego, CA p 64  
18 Mimi Duong San Diego, CA p 58  
19 Foster Phandanouvong San Diego, CA p 39  
20 Jennylee Valles San Bernardino, CA p 38  
21 Anthony Stevenson San Diego, CA p 36 $30
22 Marycruz Mora San Diego, CA p 34  
23 Justen Danforth Lake Forest, CA p 22  
24 Brenden Lou San Diego, CA m 10  
25 April Urban Rancho Santa Margarita, CA p 28  
26 Erin Ballard San Diego, CA p 25  
27 Brandi Childers San Diego, CA p 24  
28 Tyler Boscarino Alpine, CA p 23  
29 Joe McLoed Fallbrook, CA p 13  
30 Drew Thevenot Santee, CA p 9  
31 Gerardo Duron San Diego, CA m 4  
32 Kyle Ruzylo Oceanside, CA m 11  
33 Michael Lozano San Diego, CA m 14  
34 Melissa Long Long Beach, CA m 31  
35 Stephanie Udell El Cajon, CA m 34  
36 Matt Rennick La Mesa, CA m 59  
37 Kelly Ruzylo Oceanside, CA m 59  
38 Christina Fraijo Lake Forest, CA m 64  
39 Alan Perez San Diego, CA m 67  
40 Paul Ospital, Jr Crestline, CA m 76  
41 Michael Leslie San Diego, CA m 83  
42 Kevin Valles San Bernardino, CA m 90  
43 Alejandro Romero San Diego, CA m 93  
44 Cameron Smith Santee, CA m 96  
45 Monica Lozano San Diego, CA m 97  
46 Samantha Meyers Mission Hills, CA m 98  
47 Todd Udell El Cajon, CA m 119  
48 Steven Lanning San Diego, CA m 134  
High Games: scratch: Sherman 279, Rahib 269, Douthit 256. Handicap: Warren 282, Peck 282, Mayall 254
High Female: none      
Cuts: scratch + 15; handicap +29      
Storm Ball Winner: Kaitlin Mayall