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FIRST TIME BOWLING A JBT EVENT?  Yay!!  Please click here to get the basic information you'll need to be prepared for our event (and read through all of the below).

ALREADY PREPAID and just want to notify us (which is not required but definitely helpful) that you'll be using some prepaid credit for a specific upcoming event?  Just drop us a line at, and we'll be ready for you!

FRIDAY IS USUALLY TRAVEL DAY FOR US!   We may or may not be able to check email after Friday morning (though we try).  If you have immediate questions after Friday morning about that weekend's events, please call us at 480-748-9299.  Calls after 8 PM will be returned the next day.   



There are 3 ways you can pay for a JBT event.  When you prepay, please attach a note, or email us, telling us that a payment is for a specific tournament.  If you don't, no problem, your prepaid credit is good for any JBT event.  Isn't that convenient?


1) PREPAY BY VENMO.  If you're on a computer, simply click on the QR code below to enlarge it and then scan it with your mobile device to pay.  If you're on a phone, find us on Venmo at JuniorBowlersTour.  In either case, please write in the 'notes' section which event(s) this is for.  You can also pay by Venmo at the event site.


2) PREPAY BY PAYPAL.  Simply choose an amount to prepay from the menu below.  (Note: your paypal credit card prepayment is good for any JBT event (that's why you're not asked to assign this payment to a specific event).  You can attach a note at the paypal site (but don't have to) specifying which event a payment is for or just drop us a line letting us know.  Even if you don't contact us, when you come to a tournament we'll have a list of prepaid credits, all you have to do is let us know you prepaid and we'll be ready for you.)

*  If you wish to pay an amount different from the below, you can make multiple payments, or simply visit and send a specific amount.   The email address it is being sent to is

*If you are paying for someone other than the name on the card, please drop us an email at and let us know so we can apply the credit to the right account.

Click on the drop down menu to select the amount you wish to prepay by paypal, for use at any JBT event. 

click to choose amount:


    3) PREPAY BY CHECK.  Send check(s) for JBT events, payable to JBT, to JBT, PO Box 20011, Seattle WA 98102If this is your first JBT event, please make sure you include at least your name and address as well- we'll have you do some more paperwork on-site.  You still must check in at least 30 minutes prior to start time (we'd prefer earlier, and we're usually ready at least two hours in advance) or risk losing your spot. 

            You may either list the exact events you're attending, or simply pay a bulk amount that covers you for future events.  For example, some people prefer to pay exactly $60 for the entry fee for the next event.   Others prefer to send in a check for a larger amount, and know they're covered for a while.   Just contact us if you have any questions.


  4) PAY ON-SITE.   You may walk in on the day of a JBT event and pay that day, by cash, venmo, paypal, check, or credit card, IF space permits.  Walk-in space is available at most JBT events, but check each event's page and our Facebook page- if any event is at or near sold out, we will make that very clear.   If you walk-in and an event is sold out, you will be placed on a waiting list.  If a prepaid bowler does not show up, or more spots become available, bowlers on the waiting list will be entered into the event on a first come, first-served basis.


   So... if you know you're going to be running late to a JBT, or just want to have peace of mind... prepay!   Remember, no matter what, you MUST check in no later than 30 minutes prior to starting time the day of your event(s), or your spot will be given to bowlers on the waiting list.  (This is so we can start events on time, and be fair to those on the wait list).  


Click here for a detailed explanation of our entry fees and optional programs.

Click here to get answers to frequently asked questions, very helpful to first-time JBT bowlers!

Click here to visit the schedule page, which has details on all upcoming events.




   - You must check in no later than 30 minutes prior to start time, or risk losing your spot if there is a waiting list. Traffic can get bad, as we all know, and unfortunately we cannot hold up an event if you're stuck in traffic!  Allow yourself plenty of time to get to an event.

   - Know the dress code!  Collared shirts or bowling related t-shirts are now required, long jeans if worn must be clean and neat, and the only acceptable material for shorts or skirts is khaki-type.  You cannot bowl the semifinals if you do not adhere to our dress code!

See you soon and good luck!!!