Scratch champ Steven Black, scratch runner-up Bobby Majdanski, and handicap champion Justin White

On a day where PBA great Walter Ray Williams made bowling history with title #40, JBT great Steven Black made history with title number 30 by winning the Sam's Town Scratch Challenge.

Bowlers rolled a seven-game qualifier on conditions so demanding that nobody was plus at the break.  The top 16 advanced to matchplay, with the field including three females, and bowlers from four states.  Round one featured four upsets, with the biggest one being #12 Rachel Carr outlasting #5 Nathan Panaligan in three greuling games.  

In round two, Cayson Coyle, Bobby Majdanski, and Steven Black all swept, while Philip Schwartz outlasted Christian Jensen 190-184 in a bizarre third game to advance.

In the semis, Black defeated Coyle, while Majdanski took care of Schwartz, to advance to the championship game.

Majdanski was one of the handicap division bowlers who came to try out the scratch division, and he wowed everyone by rolling through the very tough field.  However, the veteran Black used all his experience to not give Majdanski a chance in the finale.  The 223-198 final score was good for Black's 30th JBT SW title (not to mention his 101st top-5 finish).  There was no shame at all in Majdanski's runner-up finish, one of the most impressive scratch debut performances we've ever seen.   

In the handicap division, a dramatic come-from-behind  finish allowed Justin White to claim his first Junior Bowlers Tour Southwest title.

The eight person finals began with Nick Lamek, Alyssa Madrid and Emily Garcia.  The match remained very tight until Lamek's clutch double late in the game propelled him to victory with a 220 over Madrid's 197 and Garcia's 206. 

Match number two saw Lamek taking on Matthew Raagas and Bobby Majdanski.  Raagas was down in 18th position after 5 games and rallied during the semifinals to make the final round.  Majdanski had been the tournament leader after qualifying before slipping a few spots.  The three bowlers were on their games and none were leaving any opens.  Lamek and Raagas would end up tying at 237 apiece and a four frame rolloff was necessary to determine the winner.  Both bowlers would start with doubles but Lamek fell into trouble on his next two frames.  Raagas moved on with a 94-74 sudden death victory.

The semifinal match didn't let up on excitment.  Raagas faced off against Willie Dubovik IV and Brandon Faulkenborg.  Dubovik's 278 scratch game during qualifying kept him in the lead for a few games and gave him the days high game award with a 312.  Faulkenborg appeared out of it early on as he missed a couple of easy spares.  However, all three bowlers would begin striking midway thru their games.  Raagas strung a four-bagger while Dubovik IV bravely threw his own triple.  Faulkenborg found his line and didn't stop until he had six strikes and eeked out a win, Brandon shooting 264 to Raagas' 248 and Dubovik IV's 235.

Not to be outdone, the championship match between Justin White and Faulkenborg had its share of Halloween suspense.  White had quietly taken the lead during the semifinals with some solid bowling.  Faulkenborg began with a triple and took a commanding 33 pin lead thru six frames as White struggled to find the pocket.  Justin managed to triple in the 7th, 8th and 9th frames and suddenly it was anyone's game.  Finishing first, White got a spare and strike in the 10th to finish at 236 forcing Faulkenborg to get a strike in the tenth frame.  Brandon couldn't pull it off and ended up with 220 giving White his first JBTSW title.

Sam's Town- final results and optional scholarship winners
Mojave Conference
Scratch Division
rank name city, state score prize
1 Steven Black Phoenix, AZ m 12 $460
2 Bobby Majdanski Las Vegas, NV m 55 $200
3 Cayson Coyle Las Vegas, NV m 92 $125
4 Philip Schwartz Oro Valley, AZ m 93 $100
5 Christian Jensen Chandler, AZ m 21 $60
6 Michael Cripe San Diego, CA m 80 $40
7 Rachel Carr Chandler, AZ m 95 $30
8 BJ Baker Tempe, AZ m 120 $20
9 Johnny Ray $in City, NV m 52 $45
10 Nathan Panaligan N. Las Vegas, NV m 56  
11 Tiffany Chi Prescott, AZ m 61 $15
12 Cameron Foster Taylorsville, UT m 66 $120
13 Brandon Allred Las Vegas, NV m 75 $30
14 Kacy Bonifacini San Diego, CA m 105  
15 Theo Douthit San Diego, CA m 121 $30
16 Carl Winder Las Vegas, NV m 124  
17 Bobby Sherman Las Vegas, NV m 132  
18 DJ Sloan Las Vegas, NV m 134
19 Ty Brown Phoenix, AZ m 149
20 Brandon Watts Lake Havasu City, AZ m 168
21 Hasan Kural Glendale, AZ m 168  
22 Eddie Schaub Las Vegas, NV m 171
23 Chris Weyrauch Tempe, AZ m 173
24 John Ailstock Laughlin, NV m 174
25 Chris Kagawa Las Vegas, NV m 184
26 Ray Griffith Las Vegas, NV m 188
27 Jessica Hetkowski Las Vegas, NV m 264
28 Jeff Millmier Phoenix, AZ m 293
29 Raoul Saiz Las Vegas, NV m 294
30 Heather Brown Las Vegas, NV m 294
31 Andrew Decker Las Vegas, NV m 322
32 Chris McCloskey Las Vegas, NV m 369
33 Sam Ficalora Las Vegas, NV m 446
Cut: scratch: minus 121 (7 games)
Storm Ball Winner: Bobby Majdanski
Finals results:
#10 Coyle def. #14 Baker 236-201, 179-164
#4 Majdanski def. #9 Cripe 248-163, 203-174
#1 Black def. #12 Carr 224-221, 241-181
#11 Schwartz def. #2 Jensen 181-196, 2250198, 190-184
#1 Black def. #10 Coyle 225-209
#4 Majdanski def. #11 Schwartz 181-150
Black def. Majdanski, 223-198
Handicap Division
rank name city, state score prize
1 Justin White Detroit, MI p 188 $200
2 Brandon Faulkenborg Las Vegas, NV p 167
3 Matthew Raagas Las Vegas, NV p 62 $100
4 Willie Dubovik IV Las Vegas, NV p 154 $95
5 Bobby Majdanski Las Vegas, NV p 86 $100
6 Nick Lamek Las Vegas, NV p 58 $20
7 Erika Garcia San Diego, CA p 33 $15
8 Alyssa Madrid Las Vegas, NV p 36 $15
9 Steven Slivka Las Vegas, NV p 19  
10 Ashley Ulgaran Las Vegas, NV p 14  
11 Jason Majdanski Las Vegas, NV m 5  
12 Kealey Fukuyama Las Vegas, NV m 12
13 Troy Graydon Las Vegas, NV m 18  
14 Jeremy Bellflower Las Vegas, NV m 19
15 Nick Seghetti Las Vegas, NV m 24 $15
16 Sasha Black Ft. Mohave, AZ m 51 $45
17 Taylor McKenrick Henderson, NV m 56 $10
18 Christina Fraijo Covina, CA m 66
19 Andrew Gottlieb Las Vegas, NV m 79
20 Raoul Saiz Las Vegas, NV m 93
21 Katelyn Scott Las Vegas, NV m 49  
22 John Haggerty Las Vegas, NV m 54
23 Zachary Hattori Las Vegas, NV m 54
24 Marycruz Mora San Diego, CA m 65
25 Tracy Berna Las Vegas, NV m 68
26 Maddie Pellegrino Henderson, NV m 72
27 Hannah Chipman Las Vegas, NV m 74
28 Chris Kagawa Las Vegas, NV m 75
29 Andrew Decker Las Vegas, NV m 87
30 Jenna Graydon Las Vegas, NV m 88
31 Carl Winder Las Vegas, NV m 92
32 Jesus Garcia San Diego, CA m 101
33 Dillon Hageman Las Vegas, NV m 104
34 Jordan Ferrer Las Vegas, NV m 108
35 Brandon Dauphinais Henderson, NV m 110
36 Kalani Dilliner Las Vegas, NV m 116
37 Teofosto Cipriaso Las Vegas, NV m 132
38 Jerad Faulkenborg Las Vegas, NV m 162
39 Ryan Yadao Las Vegas, NV m 173
40 Kelly White Henderson, NV m 184
High Games: Handicap: Dubovik 312, Majdanski 247, McKenrick 240
Cut: handicap minus 42
Storm Ball Winner: Willie Dubovik
Finals results:
Lamek (220) def. Garcia (206) and Madrid (197)
Raagas (237) def. Majdanski (222) and tied Lamek (237)
         Raagas won rolloff, 94-74
Faulkenborg (264) def. Raagas (248) and Dubovik (235)
White def. Faulkenborg, 236-220