champs Josh Blanchard & Kaitlin Mayall

A terrific day of action at Admiral Robinson saw Josh Blanchard and Kaitlin Mayall come up with clutch victories to earn Bowler of the Year honors as the Southern California Conference of the JBT SW wrapped up its season at the So Cal Invitational.

After ten games of qualifying and five grueling rounds of triple-elimination matchplay, the scratch division was whittled down to six bowlers, including Blanchard, #1 seed Jared Lawrence, #4 BJ Baker, #6 Steven Black, and the last-chance squad winner, #16 Philip Schwartz.  In round six, #11 Jeff Spiesman handed Blanchard his second loss, #6 Black did the same to Lawrence, and in elimination games, #14 Bryanna Caldwell defeated Schwartz, while Baker gave the knockout blow to #9 Anthony Dancel.

In round seven, Black defeated Spiesman 228-192 to become the only bowler with one loss, while Blanchard eliminated Lawrence 267-179, and Baker eliminated Caldwell in a heartbreaker for Bry, 205-203.  In round eight, Blanchard stayed alive (and received a valuable bye) by defeating Black in a thrilling match 233-226, while Baker ousted Spiesman, the only other lefty left, by a 225-191 margin.  

In the semifinal match, Black took care of business against Baker with a 259-185 win, setting up one more rematch against Blanchard for the win.  The title match was well bowled by both bowlers, but Blanchard had just enough carry to pull out a 238-222 win, good for his 4th career JBT SW title, first JBT SW "major", and $750 in scholarships.  The win also solidified his place as JBT SW So Cal Scratch Bowler of the Year.

In the handicap division, eight bowlers also remained after five rounds, highlighted by four of the top five seeds (only #5 Anthony Cruz suffered an early exit), as well as last-chance winner #16 Aprille LeBaquin, who also found herself as the only remaining undefeated bowler as well.  She continued the streak in round six, defeating #12 Kyle Ruzylo.  Also in round 6, #10 Samantha Meyers was defeated by Mayall, #3 Cameron Smith stayed alive by eliminating #1 Shane Peck, and #4 chain stayed alive by eliminating #8 Withey.

In round seven, Meyers finally handed LeBaquin her first loss, while Mayall eliminated Ruzylo and Chain eliminated Smith.  With four bowlers now left, Mayall stayed alive (and snared a valuable bye) with a 223-179 round 8 win over LeBaquin, while Chain eliminated Meyers by a 262-203 decision.  In the semifinal, LeBaquin defeated Chain 195-171 to advance to the title match.

LeBaquin was looking to become the second last-chance winner to ever win the Invitational, but some thumb problems- understandable after 18 games- hampered her efforts.  Still the match was nip-and-tuck against Mayall, who had all the pressure in the world on her, needing a win to pass Peck in points on the way to Bowler of the Year honors.  Kaitlin's mark in the tenth forced Aprille to double for the win.  With the vocal crowd cheering her on, LeBaquin got the first strike, but missed on the second shot, giving Mayll a breathtaking 211-205 win, good for her 3rd career title, first major, $715 in scholarships, and ultimately the triumphant difference in the Bowler of the Year race.

Thanks to Mr. Dom DeLuca and his staff at Admiral Robinson for another fine day of bowling at San Diego Naval Station. 

So Cal Invitational- final results and optional scholarship winners
Southern California Conference    
Scratch Division    
rank name city, state prize
1 Josh Blanchard Upland, CA $750
2 Steven Black Phoenix, AZ $515
3 BJ Baker Tempe, AZ $370
4 Jeff Spiesman Ventura, CA $210
5 Jared Lawrence Redondo Beach, CA $325
6 Bryanna Caldwell Tucson, AZ $145
7 Anthony Dancel El Monte, CA $75
8 Philip Schwartz Oro Valley, CA $75
9 Theo Douthit San Diego, CA $175
10 Daniel Soraci Oceanside, CA $75
11 Kevin Valmonte La Verne, CA $50
12 Brian Carmichael Moreno Valley, CA $100
13 Shelby Shirlock Lake Elsinore, CA $50
14 Cayson Coyle Las Vegas, NV $50
15 Christian Jensen Anthem, AZ $110
16 Michael Cripe San Diego, CA $80
17 Ramey Rahib San Diego, CA  
18 Forrest Holland Vista, CA  
19 Brittany Page Los Angeles, CA  
20 Josh Wilson Fallbrook, CA  
21 Kacy Bonifacini San Diego, CA  
22 Brian Ballard San Diego, CA  
23 Logan Bain El Cajon, CA  
24 Britni Zilisch Moreno Valley, CA  
25 Paul Green San Diego, CA  
26 Mason Sherman Moorpark, CA  
27 Berman Sae-Aee Glendale, AZ  
28 Julian Bosley San Diego, CA $15
29 Rachel Carr Chandler, AZ  
30 Patrick Porritt Lakeside, CA  
31 Justin Lou San Diego, CA  
32 Robert Page Los Angeles, CA  
33 Matt Clune San Diego, CA  
Handicap Division    
rank name city, state prize
1 Kaitlin Mayall Chula Vista, CA $715
2 Aprille LeBaquin Cerritos, CA $400
3 Andrew Chain San Diego, CA $375
4 Samantha Meyers Mission Hills, CA $245
5 Cameron Smith Santee, CA $245
6 Kyle Ruzylo Oceanside, CA $100
7 Shane Peck Riverside, CA $240
8 Megan Withey Glendale, AZ $105
9 Anthony Cruz San Diego, CA $125
10 Mimi Duong San Diego, CA $225
11 Melissa Long Long Beach, CA $65
12 Paul Ospital Jr Crestline, CA $65
13 Kelly Ruzylo Oceanside, CA $50
14 Todd Udell San Diego, CA $50
15 Greg Geering Phoenix, AZ $80
16 Joe McLeod Oceanside, CA $80
17 Jason Larcome Chula Vista, CA  
18 Erika Garcia San Diego, CA  
19 Savannah Guerrero Riverside, CA  
20 Allie Ijams Mission Viejo, CA $30
21 Eric Warren Phoenix, AZ  
22 Lana Lycan San Diego, CA  
23 Christina Fraijo Covina, CA  
24 Jesus Garcia San Diego, CA  
25 Jordan Ferrer Henderson, NV  
26 Taylor Brennan Prescott, AZ  
27 Foster Phandanouvong San Diego, CA  
28 Nicholas Lee Tucson, AZ  
29 Stephanie Udell San Diego, CA  
30 Drew Thevenot Santee, CA  
31 Jaymes Conn La Mesa, CA  
32 Kenny Taylor San Diego, CA  
33 Kyle De Cew Riverside, CA  
34 Justen Danforth Laguna Hills, CA  
35 Steven Lanning San Diego, CA  
Cuts: scratch -76; handicap +22    
Storm Ball Winner: Tom Godfrey