champs Christian Jensen and Joe Claspell


It has been just over one year since Christian Jensen last tasted victory on the Junior Bowlers Tour.  This weekend, however, Jensen erased many months of frustration with back to back victories on Saturday and Sunday, becoming the second bowler EVER to accomplish this rare feat.  On Saturday, Jensen earned career title number three at a JBTSW event near his hometown of Anthem, AZ.  With no time to celebrate, he packed up and headed to Texas Station Bowling Center, where he earned title number four with a Texas sized 279-180 win over Bobby Sherman.

The scratch division finals began with a tense match between Tom Anderson and Brandon Watts.  Both bowlers traded strikes and spares, remaining clean through nine frames and just a few pins apart.  Andersons missed 10 pin in the tenth frame allowed Watts to advance with a 189-178 win.  Earlier in the day, Watts delighted the crowd with a perfect 300 game, the first of his young career.  In match two, Watts faced off against DJ Sloan in another nailbiter.  Watts struck out in the tenth frame, forcing Sloan to get a strike of his own to stay alive.  Sloan's pocket shot came up short, however, and Watts advanced 193-182 to take on second seed Jensen in the semifinal match.  With unabashed confidence, Jensen began with a spare before rattling off a six pack of strikes and coasting to a 232-182 win and ending Watts' day.  In the championship match against tournament leader Bobby Sherman, Jensen showed no signs of letting up.  He strung the front nine strikes before a ten pin ended his run, easily defeating Sherman's bid for a second title.

With three events remaining in the season, the points standings continue to be very exciting.  Sloan's 4th place finish today moved him up a notch into the coveted top 5.  Brandon Allred moved into second place, bumping Steven Black down one position.  Point standings at the end of the regular season are used to determine byes for the Gold Coast Invitational event on May 15.

In the handicap division, an eight person modified stepladder finals was used once again.  In the first match, Sean Adams used an early triple to easily coast to victory over Taylor McKenrick and Kris George 251-196-162.  George was looking for his third consecutive title and, remarkably, was also shooting for a weekend sweep, having shared honors with Jensen the day before.  Match number two was a handicap division strikefest, with Megan Withey needing every strike she could throw in her huge 245 actual game (265 with handicap) to defeat Sean Adams' 253 and Nick Lameks' 246.  Earlier in the day, Lamek rolled an outstanding 747 actual series in games 3-5 including a 277 to end qualifying.  This was also Lamek's third consecutive finish in the top 5 and he moves into second place in the point standings.  In match number three it was Withey once again, coming from behind with a clutch double in the ninth and tenth frames to take care of Andrew Gottlieb's 235 and Sam Frey's 160.  The championship match between Withey and tournament leader Joe Claspell was close throughout.  Claspell, who had rolled a huge 276 actual game in the semifinals, still had enough in him to defeat Withey 215-197 and earn his first title.  

Thanks as always to Jerry Francomano and his staff for another terrific hosting job at Texas Station, the home of the JBT SW's Las Vegas Main Event.

Texas Station- final results and optional scholarship winners  
Mojave Conference      
Scratch Division      
rank name city, state score prize
1 Christian Jensen Anthem,AZ p 206 $200
2 Bobby Sherman Las Vegas, NV p 227 $185
3 Brandon Watts Lake Havasu City, AZ p 142 $150
4 DJ Sloan Las Vegas, NV p 198 $40
5 Tom Anderson Chandler, AZ p 109 $35
6 Philip Schwartz Oro Valley, AZ p 100 $35
7 Nathan Panaligan N. Las Vegas, NV p 83 $20
8 Brandon Allred Las Vegas, NV p 41 $15
9 Berman Sae-Aee Glendale, AZ p 32  
10 Robyn Ashley N. Las Vegas, NV p 13  
11 Carl Winder Las Vegas, NV p 4  
12 Emily Ornelas Phoenix, AZ m 29 $30
13 Chris Kagawa Las Vegas, NV m 72  
14 Eddie Schaub Las Vegas, NV m 81  
15 Michael Yusi Las Vegas, NV m 87  
16 BJ Baker Tempe, AZ m 103  
17 Raoul Saiz Las Vegas, NV m 103 $15
18 Sarah Carity Phoenix, AZ inc card  
19 Jeff Matthews Las Vegas, NV m 89  
20 Jessica Hetkowski Las Vegas, NV m 97 $15
21 Brandon Donnelly Lake Havasu City, AZ m 103 $15
22 Johnny Ray Las Vegas, NV m 110  
23 Ray Griffith Las Vegas, NV m 110  
24 Rebekah Gottlieb Las Vegas, NV m 123  
25 Bear Wiltfang Lake Havasu City, AZ m 133  
26 Jason Dondoy Las Vegas, NV m 137  
27 Matt Cossey Henderson, NV m 152  
28 Heather Brown Las Vegas, NV m 164  
29 Tiffany Chi Prescott, AZ m 164  
30 DeShaun Jefferson Phoenix, AZ m 212  
31 Melissa Castro Las Vegas, NV m 219  
32 Chris McClockey Las Vegas, NV m 236  
33 Bobby Majdanski Las Vegas, NV m 268  
Handicap Division      
rank name city, state score prize
1 Joe Claspell Lake Havasu City, AZ p 176 $200
2 Megan Withey Glendale, AZ p 165 $145
3 Andrew Gottlieb Las Vegas, NV p 174 $60
4 Sam Frey Las Vegas, NV p 174 $70
5 Nick Lamek Las Vegas, NV p 172 $135
6 Sean Adams Las Vegas, NV p 153 $30
7 Kris George Glendale, AZ p 161 $65
8 Taylor McKenrick Henderson, NV p 142 $30
9 Justin Spurrier Las Vegas, NV p 136  
10 Hannah Chipman Las Vegas, NV p 98 $15
11 Blaine Hellman Las Vegas, NV p 68  
12 Matt Carter Santee, CA p 59  
13 Nick Seghetti Las Vegas, NV p 56  
14 Ryan Yadao Las Vegas, NV p 7  
15 Alesha Pannier Lake Havasu City, AZ p 5 $15
16 Kevin Narciso Phoenix, AZ p 3  
17 Kyle Bridgman Kingman, AZ m 3  
18 Alex Katz Las Vegas, NV m 3  
19 Jason Majdanski Las Vegas, NV m 11 $25
20 Matt Raagas Las Vegas, NV m 16  
21 Walker Newman Las Vegas, NV m 60  
22 Michael Lugo Las Vegas, NV m 2  
23 Steven Lanning San Diego, CA m 5  
24 Maddie Pellegrino Henderson, NV m 6  
25 Kyle Adams Las Vegas, NV m 8  
26 Alicia Sullivan Kingman, AZ m 18  
27 Kevin Houck Lake Havasu City, AZ m 18  
28 Brandon Dauphinais Henderson, NV m 20 $15
29 Darcie Staggs Bullhead City, AZ m 26  
30 Sam Cefalu Las Vegas, NV m 26  
31 Alvin Chan Lake Havasu City, AZ m 29  
32 Casey Bybee Las Vegas, NV m 40  
33 Dillon Hageman Las Vegas, NV m 42  
34 Zach Hattori Las Vegas, NV m 43  
35 Rachelle Davis Tucson, AZ m 59  
36 Sean Huggins Las Vegas, NV m 70  
37 Shane Peck Riverside, CA m 88  
38 Zack Newman Las Vegas, NV m 127  
39 Logan Kennedy Las Vegas, NV m 131  
40 Bryce Hackney Las Vegas, NV m 135  
41 Jordan Katz Las Vegas, NV m 221  
Cuts: scratch -82, handicap -1      
Storm Ball Winner: Brandon Watts