champs Jeremy Bellflower & Brandon Allred

Brandon Allred ended a frustrating stretch of events by winning his first scratch title, while Jeremy Bellflower tasted victory for the first time in JBT SW action at Virgin River Bowling Center.

A tiny field made the trip, and thus were rewarded by an easier than usual shot at valuable JBT points, and reaped the benefits of our minimum scholarship guarantees, which allowed us to award $1,065 to just 32 bowlers.

The scratch finals opened with two-time defending champ Nathan Panaligan defeating first-time finalist Derick Parnell 226-162.  In round two, Nathan took on another stepladder rookie, and the results were similar as Panaligan cruised 177-139.  In the semifinals, 2003-04 Mojave conference Bowler of the Year Philip Schwartz finally stopped Nathan's bid for a three-peat, 237-205, to advance to his first title match of the year.

Top qualifier Allred had suffered a couple of heartbreaking near-misses of the finals, but took advantage of early miscues by Schwartz to build an early lead.  Brandon won the match 191-171, earning the first scratch title of his JBT SW career, to go with a handicap win to open last season.

The handicap division stepladder opened up with newcomer Alex Montes getting past Adam Stroud by a 205-144 margin.  Round two was a struggle, but in the end Montes defeated Darcie Staggs 136-115 to move on.  Bellflower and Montes then hooked up in another war of attrition, but Jeremy righted the ship quicker, leading to a 155-142 win to advance to the title match.

Top qualifier Amanda Dewees had led for most of the day, but was unable to pull away from Bellflower.  In the end, Amanda needed a spare plus count to win.  Leaving a 10-pin, Amanda unfortunately missed the spare by a hair, giving Bellflower a 159-152 win, and his first JBT SW title.   

Virgin River- final results and optional scholarship winners
Mojave Conference
Scratch Division
rank name city score prize
1 Brandon Allred Las Vegas, NV m 43 $230
2 Philip Schwartz Oro Valley, AZ m 65 $230
3 Nathan Panaligan North Las Vegas, NV m 100 $70
4 Andrew Decker Las Vegas, NV m 89 $50
5 Derick Parnell Las Vegas, NV m 150 $20
6 Chris Kagawa Las Vegas, NV m 250  
7 Daniel Hansak Las Vegas, NV m 267  
8 Bobby Sherman Las Vegas, NV m 269  
9 DJ Sloan Las Vegas, NV m 157  
10 Kurt Plotkin Las Vegas, NV m 165  
11 Jerimiah Wiltfang Lake Havasu City, AZ m 184  
12 Matt Cossey Henderson, NV m 188  
13 Chris Hooks Henderson, NV m 243  
14 Cayson Coyle Las Vegas, NV m 245  
15 Eddie Schaub Las Vegas, NV m 256 $20
16 Johnny Ray Las Vegas, NV m 261  
17 Cody Raynoha Las Vegas, NV m 397
Handicap Division
rank name city score prize
1 Jeremy Bellflower Las Vegas, NV p 42 $200
2 Amanda Dewees Las Vegas, NV p 91 $100
3 Alex Montes Las Vegas, NV m 39 $75
4 Darcie Staggs Bullhead City, AZ m 8 $40
5 Adam Stroud Las Vegas, NV m 51 $20
6 Brandon Dauphinais Henderson, NV m 154 $20
7 Steven Slivka Las Vegas, NV m 167  
8 Travis Stroud Las Vegas, NV m 202  
9 Kealey Fukuyama Las Vegas, NV m 95  
10 Maddie Pellegrino Henderson, NV m 123  
11 Jordan Ferrer Las Vegas, NV m 148  
12 Hanna Chipman Las Vegas, NV m 152  
13 John Haggerty Las Vegas, NV m 155  
14 Kelly White henderson, NV m 207  
15 Taylor McKenrick Henderson, NV m 226 $10
300 Games: none
Cuts: scratch: minus 153, handicap: minus 91
High Games: scratch: Schaub 233, Schwartz 226, Decker 223.  handicap: Dauphinais 255, Montes 230, McKenrick 203.
Jr. Gold Qualifiers: none
Storm Ball Winner: Chris Kagawa
Stepladder Results:
Panaligan def. Parnell 226-162
Panaligan def. Decker 177-139
Schwartz def. Panaligan 237-205
Allred def. Schwartz 191-171
Montes def. Stroud 205-144
Montes def. Staggs 136-115
Bellflower def. Montes 159-142
Bellflower def. Dewees 159-152