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This page has taken the place of the weekly 'JBT Online Updates', so be sure to check this page out every day, as well as our 'Junior Bowlers Tour Southwest' facebook page!  

November 15-  The Main Event discounted room block ends Dec.8.  Get those rooms reserved!

September 30-  Makayla Douglas put on perhaps the best female performance in JBT history, rolling +266 for her 5 qualifying games, one of the best if not the best.  Even more impressive, that was 201 pins above second-place Austin Gratzer (+60).  Great job Makayla!

September 23-  Sometimes high scores can be fun!  Eric Hatchett (813) and Ben Canfield (800) become the second duo to both shoot 800 in the same JBT event, while Derek Acuff beats them both with a 300 game en route to the title.  Be sure to read all about the results and watch  the videos!

September 8-  Ben Canfield wins the PowerBowl jackpot for $1,000 in an exciting So Cal season opener.  Check out the full results for more!

September 3-  Five tournaments into the 2012-13 season, we've had twelve different bowlers win the twelve titles awarded.  Will parity be the theme of the season?  Come on out to a JBT event and get your share of the loot!

August 28-  The 2012-13 season is underway, with two great events in the Northwest in the books!  One of our favorite weekends, Cliff Castle Casino, is up this weekend.  Spread the word and see you there!

August 1-  The fall 2012 schedule is nearly complete on the 'schedules and results' page of the website.  Lots of fun and excitement is in store in all five conferences- check it out today and start making plans.  We saw this year again just how much every point counts, so don't miss a single event!

July 31-  Jakob Butturff, Courtney Couch, and Austin Thompson win the 2012 TPC.  Over $17,000 in scholarships were awarded in this prestigious event.  Final results are posted on this website.

July 23- Cortez Schenck and Ashley Dunn finished second in their divisions at Junior Gold, beating roughly 500 and 100 bowlers, respectively.  Wesley Low, Tyler Boe, Daniel Hanson, and Marshall Kent all made the final 16 in their divisions, while Zack Hattori, Tanner Spacey, Thomas Nute, and Correen Lieber all made the first cut.  Great job representing JBT!

June 6- Fun facts from the weekend: the final 3 handicap bowlers at the AZ Invite had averages of 89, 154, and 186- it really is any average, spread that word over the summer... There were a record 93 titles going head to head in the T of C final with Kyle (57) playing Cameron (36)... Ashley beats sister Stacey by 3 days as the youngest JBT champ ever... Brendan wins his second major in row with the T of C win, having swept the Mojave Invite... lots more at the website!

June 1- Most people who have confirmed for the TPC banquet have been getting 2 or 3 tickets in addition to the free tickets for the bowlers (which is fine). With the banquet limited to 300, this means it will definitely sell out. Again, we encourage you to get these tickets sooner rather than later- once they're gone, they're gone. Next time we'll just rent out Cardinals Stadium or something.

May 31- So Cal bowlers, the news just gets better. Mark Baker's new book 'Gamechanger' is one of the best new bowling books out there, and we're celebrating its release at Parkway! All the winners 6/17-18 will receive a copy of 'Gamechanger', and the winners Saturday 6/17 will earn an extra $100 bonus as well!!! 'Gamechanger' will also be on sale at the event. So... win the event, hit the 1-3-5 bonus, do well in the Invite... holy cow what a potential weekend! Thanks again to all these terrific sponsors, and the folks behind them making it happen!

May 26- For TPC bowlers, we have added a block of rooms at Fiesta Henderson, right across the highway from Sunset. $49 Thurs & Sunday, and $69 Fri and Sat. Call 702-558-7000 to book, while supplies last. You can always still try Sunset Station, the host hotel, to see if there are any cancellations/openings. Please consider staying at other Station Casinos properties if these two don't fit your needs. For the Fiesta Henderson room block, here is the direct web link:

May 23- Don't say we didn't warn you! As of this afternoon there are 4 rooms left at Strike Zone in the JBT block at the current rate. We are working to add additional rooms.

May 13- A very happy mother's day, and big congrats to all recent grads, from all of us at JBT!

May 6-  Dominic Luna finally ends the dry spell and wins $1000 in PowerBowl by successfully knocking over all ten pins in the first round, 7 in the second round and 5 in the last round... That's $1000 for 3 shots.... Great job Dominic!  We also have just as good news: It took so long for PowerBowl to get hit that the backup jackpot is already at $1000 also.... You can't win it unless you're here folks!

April 24- With the Mojave Invitational in the books, that means the first 40 bowlers have officially qualified for the 2012 TPC! Those bowlers have been mailed or contacted by facebook- unlike most JBT events, we do request an rsvp for this one. The only way to guarantee your banquet tickets is to rsvp and pay for the non-free ones the bowlers get. Get your rooms at the great JBT rate at Sunset Station now- you can always cancel if you don't qualify. This is our showcase event for our most dedicated and talented bowlers- start making those plans now! Check your TPC status at the 'TPC' section of the website, and the 'statistics' section- any questions, hit us up!
April 15- Cameron Smith and Brendan Lindsey capture the Mojave Invitational, while Smith and Alexis Atkin earn Mojave Bowler of the Year awards in close races. Kyli Selley wins the Mojave Girls Invitational, while Marina Stever earns Mojave Girl Bowler of the Year. Complete results from a busy weekend coming very soon- as always, check the website for all the details.
April 9- Saturday is the last regular-season Mojave event, at Strike Zone. The top 10 finishers (instead of the usual top 5), as well as anyone finishing in the top 32 in points, qualify for Sunday's Mojave Invitational, featuring $1,000 for first place in each division. Strike Zone is also the host center for the TPC, so be there to get a good feel for the center, try and get into the Invite, and then win $1,000+ on Saturday! It's also the Mojave Girls Invite on Sunday- any girl with a Mojave Women's Series win, or on the top 50% of the Mojave Girls point list, are eligible. Check the website, as always, for much more.
April 1- All points are now updated at the 'statistics' section of the website. There are some historically close point races all over the Tour- check it out! It's not just Bowler of the Year- points get you on all-star teams, into the Invites and TPC, and byes at the Invites and TPC! Of course, even if you have no points, you can still get into the Invites right up to the last regular season event. The stretch run continues in Lubbock and Amarillo this weekend- BE THERE!
March 20- If you're not going to Junior Gold (or coming back asap), we offer the JBT Summer Sweepers in two of the best summer cities: San Diego 7/13-15, and Seattle-Tacoma 7/21-22. 'Sweeper' means you can bowl any (or all) of the many squads you want- so you can also have a mini-vacation, on your own schedule, in these amazing cities along with your JBT fun! Details are on the schedule page of the website- check it out and spread the word!!
March 4- Derek Acuff shoots the second-ever 300 in a JBT title match (Matt Jones on 4/7/01 was the only other) to win his 9th title at Mira Mesa!  Kyle Punzalan, Glenn Alan Teal, and Ronnie Fujita also win on the weekend.  Check out the full results from this great weekend!
February 25- Ben Canfield and Jake Bryan win today at Deer Valley, while Jake and 13 year-old Cortez Schenck fire 300 games! See you tomorrow morning for more JBT fun and excitement!!
February 24- What a week for JBT bowlers at the US Open! Current star Marshall Kent climbs all the way to 17th, while 13-time champ Josh Blanchard continues to erase the haters by sitting in 13th heading into matchplay! East coast JBT stars Fagan and O'Neill are right at the top as always, and the rest of the cashers list looks like a east/west JBT alumni tournament there's so many names! JBT events are TOUGH, and THIS is the reason why- so you can shine on the biggest stages bowling offers! Huge congrats to everyone- we'll be cheering Josh and Marshall the rest of the way!
February 22- Deer Valley in Phoenix hosts a terrific JBT doubleheader this weekend! Remember, every AZ JBT event has an added $25 for first per division thanks to Bowling Dynamics, and a $25 gift card for first thanks to Advantage Pro Shops, in addition to the Impact Bowling Women's Series, Ebonite ball raffle, and $1,000 PowerBowl raffle! Again, Sunday is our annual JBT Memorial event- if you'd like to bring a photo or trinket of someone special in the JBT family no longer with us, that would be wonderful. Spread the word and see you soon!
February 13- 7 year-old Gerilynn Delagarito, Tristan Curtis, Cameron Smith (# 32!), Tyler Stickler, Jordan Heard (in an all-female top 5), Jack Frost III, and Derek Webster win this week's JBT events! Complete New Mexico results are already posted, with Pac NW coming soon... Check it out!
February 9- Coming to Nugget bowl next week? The room discount ends this Saturday, as they are sold out otherwise- book online for a $59.99 rate at www.pahrumpnugget.com. Don't delay and miss the discounted rate!
February 9- Silva Lanes in Albuquerque hosts a great JBT doubleheader this weekend- we hope you bowl with us both days, but if you have high school finals Saturday, we once again encourage you to spread the word to every high school bowler to bowl with us Sunday or throughout the season. The Pac NW Conference is also in action, with a scratch-only event at Milwaukie Bowl on Saturday (higher average handicappers, test the waters in scratch!), and a regular scratch-and-handicap event Sunday at Hazel Dell. Spread the word, get a car pool together, and BE THERE!
February 8- It's time for a big shirt sale! All 2XL and 3XL polos are only $20 (green, burgundy, royal, red, black available). All 2XL season 16 "dye sub" and Vegas/Main Event "dye sub" shirts are just $30.  Drop us a line to reserve yours and we'll hold it for you for your next JBT event!
February 7- Complete results from a terrific So Cal weekend are now posted on the website, with videos coming next. We had both an 8 year-old winner, and one of our veterans win #31. A great Super Bowl day meant some very fun contests. And, oh yeah, we awarded another $4,000 in scholarships. There isn't anything like JBT for all averages and all ages. Keep spreading the word- JBT events will be near you soon!
February 6- Mid-season is always a good time for this reminder: JBT events are extremely competitive, but it is our goal to help develop and recognize not just great bowlers, but great people. Sportsmanship counts! College coaches are watching. Potential sponsors are watching. Most of all, respect yourself by respecting our Tour. Be grateful that you're able to do something as frivolous and wonderful as traveling the country bowling tournaments, most of you with a big assistance from family and friends. We love you all, see you soon!
February 6- The Super Bowl Score contest winner is Kyle Duster, who got the 21-17 Giants final score EXACTLY right! Bobby Hornacek wins the random draw from the 7 bowlers who tied for the win of the Super Bowl Prop Bet contest, getting 5 of the 8 prop bets right (2 were pushes). We hope you enjoyed this extra fun- only at JBT!
January 28- New Mexico High School bowlers: next weekend JBT is at Silva's. If you're bowling High School State on Saturday, please once again tell everyone- not just your teammates, but everyone (hopefully you already have been so they can make travel plans) that Sunday's JBT would be a great 1-2 punch for the weekend. Every single person bowling high school could have a great time and benefit from what we offer, not just the 'good' kids. This is a big opportunity to keep the NM-TX Conference healthy. Thanks in advance- see you soon.
January 23- Congrats to Cameron Smith for making the cashers round at the Masters, and JBT alumni Eric Espinda, Josh Blanchard, and Matt Jones (in most interesting fashion) for making matchplay! Great job everyone!


Gasn, Riggin, Pekins win Main Event

        Over $34,000 was awarded at the Main Event, with east coast JBT star Matt Gasn, west coast female JBT star Valerie Riggin, and Californian Brandon Pekins earning the coveted singles titles.  We hope everyone who attended had fun, and will start spreading the word right now for the 2012 Main Event!  


Remainder of 2011-12 schedule published!

        The rest of the dates for the 2011-12 season are now available at the 'schedule' page of the website, as well as at all JBT events.  As you'll see , we have an awful lot of fun in store for you.  Some new centers, some great annual hosts, new formats, old classics, all leading up to the Invitationals and TPC!  Get to as many events as you can to get in position for the most post-season fun.


History made at Canoga Park!       

         On a day where the overall field didn't score extremely high, a few bowlers beat up the 'beaten path' lane pattern and made history at the JBT Doubles Classic held December 3 at Canoga Park Bowl.
        JBT veteran Jeremy Glover and his adult partner Jared Lawrence had only shot one 200 game between them before game three of qualifying, when they each simultaneously exploded for their 12-baggers, combining for the first perfect 600 doubles game in JBT history, and sending the packed crowd into a frenzy. 
        Meanwhile, adult bowler (and east coast JBT alumni) Robert Piroozshad was making history of his own, starting the tournament with 274-299 (leaving a solid-8), and tacking on 300 for an 873 series, the all-time JBT record (Steven Black rolled a nearly unbeatable 299-300-300 in Invitational matchplay, but wasn't technically a series). 
        Current JBT star Steven Manier and former JBT star Mason Sherman also recorded 300 games, all this at event that didn't produce an extraordinarily high cut in scratch, and a fairly low cut in handicap- I guess when you got it, you got it!
        Over $5,000 in prizes were awarded over the weekend at Canoga.  Want in on the most exciting and lucrative events around for anyone age 21 and under?  Check out our schedule and website at www.bowljbt.com and come on down, it's that simple!


Stever is first Girls' TPC qualifier!

       Marina Stever became the first female with 3 Impact Bowling Women's Series wins, and thus is the first qualifier for the Girls TPC this summer.  A bunch of girls have two wins, showing the parity and depth of our ladies' events, and will surely be joining her soon.  Check out the Women's Series section of the website for all the details!


Kent wins Team Trials, Cruz makes Junior Team USA!

       Marshall Kent added another major title to his stellar resume by winning the Team USA Trials event.  JBT bowlers and alumni had a huge impact on the event, headlined by Tyler Cruz, who now joins Marshall on Junior Team USA.  Great job guys!


Curtis, Bachteler capture Touring Players Championship crowns!

        Tristan Curtis and Vince Bachteler earned $2,000 scholarships each as champions of our most important event, the 2011 TPC.  They beat fellow Washingtonians Marshall Kent and Kjerstin Richards in the title matches.  Over $16,000 in scholarships were awarded overall in this very fun and very challenging event.  We hope everyone who attended had a blast, and get ready to earn those points to qualify for the 2012 TPC! 


  Bowling Dynamics joins JBT!

        Bowling Dynamics, with two shops in Phoenix, has agreed to partner with JBT Arizona Conference events!  Extra money will be added to all the remaining 10-11 AZ Conference events, and bowlers winning with Bowling Dynamics bought / drilled equipment earn a bonus $50 scholarship.  Wow!  Thanks to Bowling Dynamics, which you can visit at www.bowlingdynamics.com,  for this great deal.  On a side note, it's awesome that multiple shops can offer great deals in the same area, with the goal of benefiting youth bowlers as much as possible- thanks to all our shops and other sponsors for "getting it"! 

'Like' Ebonite on Facebook and watch for JBT news!

       Be sure to check out Ebonite, our title sponsor, on facebook.  In addition to news on all the great products Ebonite makes, notable accomplishments of JBT bowlers will be posted periodically as well.  Check it out!

All JBT videos on YouTube !

           Be sure to check out 'jbt900' on YouTube for a complete collection of all  JBT videos from 2010-11 on.  It's a much more efficient system for us, so videos will generally be up the week they are filmed.  There's some special treats on there as well, so be sure to check it out for hours of JBT fun!

 New Fax number & address

            JBT has a new fax number- 888-788-4961.  Please make a note of it.

           Also, note the new address: PO Box 20011, Seattle WA 98102.  The old PO Box won't work after January, so please make a note of it.