Andrew Guba, Hunter Mayes, champ Skyler McGowan, Sebastian Huffman, Earl Garner, Tyler Castronova, Vianne Daniels

          Skyler McGowan came up with a big double at the best time to earn the title in Friday night scratch-only Mojave Conference action at Riverside Lanes in Laughlin.

        After three games of qualifying on one of the most challenging patterns of the season, sixteen bowlers advanced to eliminator-style rounds, which left the top six still standing heading into the sixth and final game, which was a on-game sprint with high game taking the win.  Earl Garner bowled a nice game in his first finals appearance but settled for fourth.  Sebastian Huffman had a chance for the title, but late bad carry did him in, while Andrew Guba hit the pocket nine times but got no love at all for a fifth place result.  That left Hunter Mayes and Skyler McGowan with a shot.  Mayes had a chance to shut everyone out with a tenth frame double but a bizarre 8-10 in the eleventh gave McGowan a shot.  Skyler, who looked out of it after a seventh frame gutter, did nothing but strike from there, including the tenth frame double to fire 223 and pass Hunter for his fifth career JBT victory.

        Tyler Castronova and Vianne Daniels were the high U17 and Girls Scratch qualifiers respectively, earning those subdivision wins as a result.  Stephanie Hong won an Ebonite ball of her choice, courtesy of our amazing sponsor.  Big thanks to the team at Riverside for allowing us to compete on a Friday night!  Want in on all the fun?  Just check out our schedule and come on down!

Riverside Lanes- final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler prize
1 Skyler McGowan $300
2 Hunter Mayes $150
3 Earl Garner $100
4 Sebastian Huffman $75
5 Andrew Guba $50
6 Tyler Castronova $30
7 Hayden Hull $30
8 Cesar Padilla  
9 Kendall Bollea  
10 Emily Cheesman  
11 Chris Mayes  
12 Daniel Hong  
13 Vianne Daniels  
14 Harper Schmidt  
15 Quinten Bell  
16 Daryus Alo  
17 Mason Snow  
18 Julian Stenroos  
19 CJ Todechi $10
20 Joshua Burnett  
21 Bryce Nakunz $10
22 Kayden O'Dell  
23 Seth Stovall  
24 Edward Hear $20
25 Mackenzie Paige  
26 Madison Holman  
27 JR Barczyszyn  
28 Kelcey Aczon-Kawamura  
29 Tyson Lopes  
30 Brandon Rother  
31 Kaitlyn Hammer  
33 Rog Abad  
33 Jadeyn Mabry  
34 Zackary Evans  
35 Josh Carlson  
36 Aileen Linares  
37 Brockton Scotford  
38 Kai Sakamoto  
39 Jayden Ramos  
40 Stephanie Hong  
41 Nathan Harnit  
42 Nicholas Harnit  
43 Connor Bell  
44 Bailey Knight  
45 Gyrus Alo  
46 Cuzack Bove  
47 Thomas Glass  
48 David Mendez  
  High Games  
1 Guba 247  
2 McGowan 246  
3 Hong 246  
4 Hull 231  
5 Bollea 225  
5 Castronova 225  
  High Female  
1 Daniels -52  
2 Bollea -70  
3 Cheesman -105  
4 paige -129  
5 Holman -136  
6 Aczon-Kawamura -150  
7 K Hammer -169  
8 Mabry -174  
9 Linares -183  
10 S Hong -207  
  Qualifying Leaders  
1 McGowan -7  
2 Hull -10  
3 H Mayes -11  
1 Castronova -28  
2 Padilla -41  
3 Garmer -50  
4 Bollea -70  
5 Schmidt -86  
6 Alo -99  
7 Huffman -99  
8 Snow -108  
9 Nakunz -118  
10 O'Dell -121  
  Round Leaders  
1 Hull   
2 C Mayes  
3 McGowan  
  Total Awarded This Event: $775


Date: Friday January 21, 2022  (This is ONE tournament that is one evening long. Saturday is a separate one day event.  You can bowl only Friday, only Saturday, or both).  

Start Time: Friday qualifying is at 8 PM, one squad only.

Field size: Field is limited to 64 entries.  Wait listed bowlers will be called at 7:45 if spots become available.

Re-entries?:  There's only one qualifying squad, so there are no re-entries this event..

Reservations:  Please email director@bowljbt.com to reserve a spot.  You can prepay (not required) at the 'Prepaying' section of this website.  Reservations (paid or unpaid) must check in no later than 15 minutes before start time.  At that time, all bowlers will be taken on a first come, first serve basis until the field is full.

Format: Qualifying round is 3 games.  The top 16 advance to a 3-stage eliminator for the title. 

Divisions/ Averages:  This is a scratch only event.  All scoring is scratch.  Bowlers who 'normally' compete in handicap are welcome to bowl in this event (often many do), but only scratch points are awarded.

Points:  This event counts for Arizona, Mojave, and All-Conference points.  Points qualify you for the big money season-ending Invitationals and Touring Players Championship, so get all you can.  Visit the 'statistics' section of the website to check on your points.  As the end of the season, the top 32 in AZ and Mojave points, plus anyone who had a top-4 finish in an AZ or Mojave JBT event this season, advance to their respective Invitationals.

Entry fee: $30.  Scholarship brackets are available for $2 each.  Raffle tickets for Ebonite bowling balls, and our PowerBowl and '26' jackpots, are available on-site. 

Covid details: JBT events follow- at least- all local Covid safety protocols, which you must be prepared for.   Please stay posted so you're not surprised about anything required of you. 

Scholarships: 1:6 in each division earn scholarships, scratch and handicap.  Minimum prizes in scratch are $300, $150, $100, $60.  In handicap, $250, $125, $75, $50.  Bowlers must finish in the top 4 once this season to qualify for that conference's Invitational, which features $1,000 for first place.  Bowlers who finish in the top 20 in a conference's points race, or the top 100 in all-conference points, qualify for the Touring Players Championship, featuring $2,000 for first.

Lane conditions: conditions vary from event to event, and are not posted prior to the event (unless otherwise announced).  Some events do not post the pattern until after qualifying.  Be ready for anything- it makes you a better bowler!  Check out previous patterns and corresponding cut scores at the 'lane conditions' section of this website.

Dress code:  Anything goes EXCEPT tank tops, hats, gym shorts, clothing promoting alcohol, drugs, or firearms, or excessively ripped or short clothing, subject solely to the director's discretion.  However, bowlers wearing slacks or dress shorts/skirts, and a 'name shirt' or PBA-style 'dye-sub' shirt, or college or high school team shirt, earn an extra 10 points on their season-long points total.  If you're not sure about dress code, check with us.  If you're new to us, the vast majority of the bowlers do dress in the 'bonus' dress code, and those points become very important, so plan accordingly.


PLEASE do not forget to contact us if you need to cancel or adjust your reservation.  This list may not be updated after the Friday of the event as we travel, etc.  However, walk-ins / late entries are still gladly accepted as space permits.  There is generally plenty of room for walk-ins / late entries, and we'll  post here clearly if an event is nearing sellout or sold out.

no. bowler 8 PM Fri
1 Abad, Rog x
2 Aczon-Kawamura, K x
3 Alo, Daryus x
4 Alo, Gyrus x
5 Baker, Gage x
6 Barczyszyn, JR x
7 Bardol, Jason x
8 Bell, Connor x
9 Bell, Quinten x
10 Bollea, Kendall x
11 Bove, Cuzack x
12 Brown, Josh x
13 Burnett, Joshua x
14 Carlson, Josh x
15 Castronova, Tyler x
16 Cheesman, Emily x
17 Fukushima, Jana x
18 Garner, Earl x
19 Glass, Thomas x
20 Gootziet, Jason x
21 Guba, Andrew x
22 Hammer, Kaitlyn x
23 Harnit, Nathan x
24 Harnit, Nicholas x
25 Hear, Edward x
26 Holman, Madison x
27 Huffman, Sebastian x
28 Hull, Hayden x
29 Knight, Bailey x
30 Linares, Aileen x
31 Lopes, Tyson x
32 Mabry, Jadeyn x
33 Markowitz, Joey x
34 Marquez, Koryn x
35 Mayes, Chris x
36 Mayes, Hunter x
37 McGee, Meghan x
38 McGowan, Skyler x
39 Nakunz, Bryce x
40 O'Dell, Kayden x
41 Padilla, Cesar x
42 Paige, Mackenzie x
43 Ramos, Jayden x
44 Rother, Brandon x
45 Sakamoto, Kai x
46 Schmidt, Harper x
47 Scotford, Brockton x
48 Snow, Mason x
49 Stenroos, Julian x
50 Stovall, Seth x
51 Walker, Vikki x
52 Hong, Daniel x
53 Hong, Stephanie x
54 Todeschi, CJ x
55 Castillo, Ronnie x
56 Daniels, Vianne x
57 Berg, Matthew x