Lindsay Greim, Cortez Schenck, Brandon Rother, Brendan Bobersky, Christian Ortega, Nathan Harnit, Jon Abigania, Bryce Nakunz

        Cortez Schenck showed a new generation what his level of dominance looked like, while 3 others enjoyed the feeling of JBT victory- two for the first time- in terrific action at the JBT's Tournament of All-Time Champs, and simultaneous Tournament of Future Champs, held at Phoenix's Let it Roll.

        The T of C is always one of our favorite events as we welcome back anyone who ever won a JBT event, creating a unique, fun, and tough atmosphere as today's stars take on the best of all time.  Cortez started the day with 280-279 to open up a lead he never lost.  After Josh Molloy beat Allex Zieg to start the stepladder, Jakob Butturff edged Molloy in a great match to set up a title match between two of JBT's all-time greats, not to mention established and rising PBA stars.  Jakob and Schenck had played for many JBT titles in their overlapping careers, each coming out with wins, but Butturff, with 32 career JBT wins, couldn't keep up with Cortez' front seven in the final, and Tez cruised to the win, which happens to be #99 of the JBT g.o.a.t's career.

        The handicap stepladder featured four Southern California juniors, as Brandon Rother beat Lindsay Greim and Jon Abigania to face top seed Bryce Nakunz for the title.  The familiar foes have faced each other numerous times, but after a tense tenth frame, Brandon escaped on top for his third career JBT title and $500 top prize.

        In the non-champs event, Brendan Bobersky led start to finish, and fended off fellow GCU 'lope Ben Laffoon to finally win his first JBT title, and a measure of redemption after a season filled with some oh-so-close calls.  Nathan Harnit beat Dylan Donahue and Connor Meliska to advance against top seed Christian Ortega for the handicap non-champs win.  The 11 year-old from Casa Grande showed no fear in the finale, rolling another solid game to become a JBT champion with the win.

        Conner Pendergrass delighted the crowd with the only 300 game of the day, and the first of his career.  DJ Kneifel came close to joining him, with a 299 to open the scratch non-champs stepladder against Dodge Flynn.  Mountain Invite champs Xaden Todacheenie won the day's ball from our terrific title sponsor Ebonite. 

        Giant thanks to the team at Let It Roll for an excellent hosting job, and all our alumni for coming back to be JBT bowlers again for one fun day.  Check out our schedule for upcoming dates and we'll see you soon!     


Tournament of Champions- final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler prize
1 Cortez Schenck $500*
2 Jakob Butturff $250*
3 Josh Molloy  $150
4 Allez Zieg $100
5 Josh Abigania $90
6 Andrew Guba $80
7 Wesley Low $70*
8 Joey Burke $60*
9 Kyle Ponzo $50
10 Cesar Padilla $294
11 Kyle King  
12 Brennan Haugh  
13 Mark Myers  
14 Katelyn Abigania  
15 Emily Cheesman $30
16 Mathew Adragna $59
17 Harper Schmidt  
18 Josh Williams  
19 Michael Marmolejo  
20 Aaron Yamamoto  
21 Aaron Raymond Jr  
22 Kyle Lawrence  
23 Michael Fitzgerald  
24 Keith Fung  
25 Brock Bivins  
26 Kayle Myers  
27 Chris Varholdt  
28 Hayden Hull  
29 Chris Mayes  
30 Skyler McGowan  
31 Matt Zweig  
32 CJ Tosdeschi  
33 Ryan Zent  
34 Cristian Roque  
35 Matthew Garrett  
36 Mackenzie Paige  
37 Madison Holman  
38 Connor Steelmon-Hill  
39 Austin Penne  
40 Thomas Lawrence  
41 Anthony Dang  
42 Ryan Gose  
43 Steven Cheatham  
44 Kaitlyn Hammer  
45 Keith Ylvisaker  
46 Hunter Mayes  
47 Jason Gootzeit  
48 Jake King  
  Handicap Division  
rank bowler prize
1 Brandon Rother $530
2 Bryce Nakunz $250
3 Jon Abigania $125
4 Lidsay Greim $135
5 Aiden Ruiz-Jimenez $90
6 Ian Silva $60
7 Xaden Todacheenie  
8 Peyton Lee $60
9 Araceli Hunt $44
10 Samuel Winemiller  
11 Gavin Fernandez  
12 Alisabeth Rich  
13 Ivan John  
14 Hayden Fernandez $30
15 Gage Baker  
16 Jadeyn Mabry $15
17 JT Verde  
18 Kendall Bollea  
19 Roman Miller  
20 Cayden Matherly  
21 Caden Meliska  
22 Abigail Hunt  
23 RJ Pointon  
24 Koryn Marquez  
25 Monroe Holt  
26 Jacob Ellis  
27 Brockton Scotford  
28 John Fitzgerald  
29 Kyler Harden  
30 Paityn Gaines  
31 Jordan Nassberg  
32 Shaiden Raymond $40
Tournament of Non-Champions- final results and scholarship winners
  Scratch Division  
rank bowler prize
1 Brendan Bobersky $250
2 Ben Laffoon $125
3 DJ Kneifel $75
4 Dodge Flynn $50
5 Harrison Cole  
6 Ricky Pollom  
7 Payton Workman  
8 Edward Hear  
9 Josh Brown  
10 JR Barczyszyn  
  Handicap Division  
1 Christian Ortega $250
2 Nathan Harnit $145
3 Connor Meliska $75
4 Dylan Donahue $50
5 Alexander Hughes  
6 Conner Pendergrass  
7 Nicholas Harnit  
8 Isaac John  
9 Allie Rose  
10 Jaden Workman  
11 Danielle Fincham   
12 Nathan Bravo  
13 Savanah Workman  
14 Lily Winemiller  
15 Brayden Sibilla  
16 Devin Fincham  
17 Isaiah Pino  
18 Gabriel Ortega  
19 Emily Rohrbacker  
20 Hannah Holt  
21 Tyler Spiller  
22 Safiya Spiller  
23 Joanna Molloy  
24 Rylan Rose  
  Total Awarded this event: $3,463




Ever won?  NEVER won?  Doesn’t matter! Bowl in the JBT’s:




Sunday June 19, 10 AM at

Let It Roll, Phoenix AZ


* The T of C is open to anyone of any age who EVER won a JBT event

* The T of Non-C is open to anyone JBT eligible (age 21 or under as of 8/1/21) who hasn’t yet won a JBT event

       * $500 minimum for first, each division in the T of C!

* $250 minimum for first, each division, in the T of non-C!

* Scratch and Handicap, adult and ‘junior’ unlimited brackets!

(scholarships to juniors, cash to adults)


ENTRY FEE:           $50                                                     FORMAT:

-SCRATCH AND HANDICAP DIVISIONS!                                             - 5 games across 10 lanes

-Scratch and handicap, adult and junior brackets                        - top 50% (max 24) bowl 3 games of matchplay

-EBONITE BALL RAFFLE AT THIS AND ALL                                     - top 4 bowl stepladder finals

  2021-22 JBT EVENTS!                                                                         - plaques to top 4


To reserve spots, email

JBT bowlers use 21-22 JBT average, all others use highest 21-22 15+ game average, verification required for handicap.  All other JBT rules apply.   Please help us spread the word to our JBT alumni.  We'll see you there, don't miss it!


Date: Sunday June 19, 2022  (This is ONE tournament that is one (long) day long, open to bowlers according to the above eligibility rules).

This event is full and on a waiting list.  Please email us at to get on the wait list.  Any available spots will be given out on-site 15 minutes before start time.

Start Time: Saturday qualifying squad at 10 AM, one squad only.

Re-entries?:  There's only one qualifying squad, so there are no re-entries this event..

Reservations:  Please email to reserve a spot.  You can prepay (not required) at the 'Prepaying' section of this website.  Reservations (paid or unpaid) must check in no later than 15 minutes before start time.  At that time, all bowlers will be taken on a first come, first serve basis until the field is full.

Format: Qualifying round is 5 games.  In each division, the top 40% to a max of 24 bowlers bowl a 3 game semifinals.. The top 4 then do a stepladder finals.   

Divisions/ Averages:  Scratch or handicap.  It is the bowlers' choice of division.  If this is your first JBT event this season, we will be asking for average info.  In most cases, your highest average from any current form of organized competition of at least 15 games is what we need.  If you bowl in multiple leagues / clubs, bring everything and we'll sort it out for you.  After your first JBT event, your average is re-rated before every JBT event according to JBT rules.  Please see JBT Rule 13 for complete details.

Points:  This event does not count for any JBT points.

Entry fee: $50.  Scholarship brackets are available for $2 each.  Raffle tickets for Ebonite bowling balls, and our PowerBowl and '26' jackpots, are available on-site. 

Covid details: JBT events follow- at least- all local Covid safety protocols, which you must be prepared for.   Please stay posted so you're not surprised about anything required of you. 

Lane conditions: conditions vary from event to event, and are not posted prior to the event (unless otherwise announced).  Some events do not post the pattern until after qualifying.  Be ready for anything- it makes you a better bowler!  Check out previous patterns and corresponding cut scores at the 'lane conditions' section of this website.

Dress code:  Anything goes EXCEPT tank tops, hats, gym shorts, clothing promoting alcohol, drugs, or firearms, or excessively ripped or short clothing, subject solely to the director's discretion.  However, bowlers wearing slacks or dress shorts/skirts, and a 'name shirt' or PBA-style 'dye-sub' shirt, or college or high school team shirt, earn an extra 10 points on their season-long points total.  If you're not sure about dress code, check with us.  If you're new to us, the vast majority of the bowlers do dress in the 'bonus' dress code, and those points become very important, so plan accordingly.


This event is full and on a wait list.  Email us to get on the waiting list. 

PLEASE do not forget to contact us if you need to cancel or adjust your reservation.  This list may not be updated after the Friday of the event as we travel, etc. 

no. bowler 10 AM Sun
1 Abigania, Jon x
2 Abigania, Josh x
3 Abigania, Katelyn x
4 Adragna, Mathew x
5 Alo, Daryus x
6 Alo, Gyrus x
7 Baker, Gage x
8 Barczyszyn, JR x
9 Bell, Connor x
10 Bell, Quinten x
11 Bivins, Brock x
12 Bobersky, Brendan x
13 Bollea, Kendall x
14 Bravo, Nathan x
15 Brown, Josh x
16 Burke, James x
17 Burke, Joey x
18 Burnett, Josh x
19 Butturff, Jakob x
20 Canez, Rene x
21 Cardines, Cerell x
22 Cardines, Jeremy x
23 Cheatham, Steven x
24 Cheesman, Emily x
25 Cole, Harrison x
26 Dang, Anthony x
27 Dempsey, Riley x
28 Donahue, Dylan x
29 Ellis, Jacob x
30 Fernandez, Gavin x
31 Fernandez, Hayden x
32 Fincham, Danielle x
33 FIncham, Devin x
34 Fitzgerald, John x
35 Fitzgerald, Michael x
36 Flynn, Dodge x
37 Fung, Keith x
38 Garrett, Matthew x
39 Gaudern, Daniel x
40 Gilbert, Kyle x
41 Gootzeit, Jason x
42 Gose, Ryan x
43 Greim, Lindsay x
44 Guba, Andrew x
45 Hammer, Kaitlyn x
46 Harden, Skip x
47 Harnit, Nathan x
48 Harnit, Nicholas x
49 Hatchett, Eric x
50 Haugh, Brennan x
51 Hear, Edward x
52 Hernandez, Noel x
53 Holman, Madison x
54 Holt, Hannah x
55 Holt, Monroe x
56 Hughes, Alexander x
57 Hull, Hayden x
58 Hunt, Abigail x
59 Hunt, Araceli x
60 John, Isaac x
61 John, Ivan x
62 Jones, Matt x
63 King, Jake x
64 King, Kyle x
65 Kitchens, Emma x
66 Kitchens, Xavier x
67 Kneifel, DJ x
68 Laffoon, Ben x
69 Lawrence, Kyle x
70 Lawrence, Thomas x
71 Lee, Peyton x
72 Loss, Brandon x
73 Low, Wesley x
74 Mabry, Jadeyn x
75 Marmolejo, Michael x
76 Marquez, Koryn x
77 Matherly, Cayden x
78 Mayes, Chris x
79 Mayes, Hunter x
80 McGowan, Skyler x
81 Meliska, Caden x
82 Meliska, Connor x
83 MIller, Roman x
84 Molloy, Joanna x
85 Molloy, Josh x
86 Myers, Kayla x
87 Myers, Mark x
88 Nakunz, Bryce x
89 Nassberg, Jordan x
90 Ortega, Christian x
91 Ortega, Gabriel x
92 Padilla, Cesar x
93 Paige, Mackenzie x
94 Patterson, Robbie x
95 Pendergrass, Conner x
96 Penne, Austin x
97 Pointon, RJ x
98 Pollom, Ricky x
99 Ponzo, Kyle x
100 Raymond, Aaron Jr x
101 Raymond, Shaiden x
102 Reid-Hirsch, Corbin x
103 Rich, Alisabeth x
104 Rohe, Dante x
105 Rohrbacker, Emily x
106 Roque, Cristian x
107 Rose, Alie x
108 Rose, Rylan x
109 Rother, Brandon x
110 Ruiz-Jimenez, Aiden x
111 Sager, Cameron x
112 Schenck, Cortez x
113 Schmidt, Harper x
114 Scotford, Brockton x
115 Serafini, Madeleine x
116 Sibilla, Brayden x
117 Silva, Ian x
118 Simmons, Chase x
119 Spiller, Safiya x
120 Spiller, Tyler x
121 Steelmon-HIll, Connor x
122 Stenroos, Julian x
123 Theophilus, Mackenzie x
124 Todacheenie, Xaden x
125 Todeschi, CJ x
126 Tucker, Alyssa x
127 Varholdt, Chris x
128 Verde, JT x
129 Villalobos, Marc x
130 Wang, Mark x
131 Wang, Mathew x
132 Williams, Joshua x
133 Winemiller, Lily x
134 Winemiller, Samuel x
135 Workman, Jaden x
136 Workman, Payton x
137 Workman, Savanah x
138 Wyman, Kamryn x
139 Yamamoto, Aaron x
140 Ylvisaker, Keith x
141 Zent, Ryan x
142 Zieg, Allex x
143 Zweig, Leah x
144 Zweig, Matt x