Katelyn Abigania, Solomon Salama, Daniel Rios, Aarin Shepard

            A jam packed event that was only the first of three on the weekend saw two talented teams emerge victorious at the So Cal Doubles, hosted by Bowlium Lanes in Montclair.

            A former CA Doubles winning team, Zach Greim and Elias O'Hollaren. began a climb up the baker-format stepladder finals with a 225-202 win over Matt Morita and Marc Sanwo.  Zach and Elias were then able to get past Josh Abigania and Bobby Campagnale to reach the title match.   With a huge crowd watching, the title match against top seeds Katelyn Abigania and Solomon Salama was a thriller.  When Zach struck out in the tenth (which was his FIFTEENTH consecutive strike), Salama had a chance to do the same to grab the win away.  As he has so many times before, Solomon was up to the task, flushing a double for the 34th win of his JBT career, and already Katelyn's sixth.

            The team of Daniel Rios and Aarin Shepard began the handicap division stepladder with a 249-205 win over Gage Baker and his teammate- aka Dad- Mark Baker.  Daniel and Aaron then got past JP Griffin and Akayla Orosco 238-214 to advance to the title match.  Top seeds Stephanie Hong and Jerry Wang had bowled great all day, but six consecutive 9-counts were too much to overcome, as Rios and Shepard won the final, each earning their first career JBT title.

            Big thanks to Al and his team at Bowlium for all their hard work in hosting a huge tripleheader.  Want in on this fun?  Just check out our upcoming schedule and come on down!

So Cal Doubles- final results and scholarship winners    
  Scratch Division        
rank bowler prize bowler prize total
1 Solomon Salama $295 Katelyn Abigania $270 $565
2 Zach Greim $175 Elias O'Hollaren $175 $350
3 Josh Abigania $250 Bobby Campagnale   $250
4 Matt Morita $200 Marc Sanwo   $200
5 Brandon Rother $90 Bryce Nakunz $75 $165
6 Manny Ferrell $50 Sebastian Huffman $50 $100
7 Dominic Montoya $40 Tyler Castronova $40 $80
8 Aaron Calica   Zane Piper    
9 Gavin Fernandez $100 Jay Fernandez   $100
10 Grant Keller   Josh Molloy $44 $44
11 Daniel Hong   Leoj Chin    
12 Cerell Cardines   Jennifer Loredo    
13 Andrew Guba   Mac Kaurin    
14 Nic Rees   Lizzy Rees    
15 Benaihah McElroy $8 Justin Erickson   $8
16 Jerod Adkins   Ernest Mota    
17 Wyatt McCollum   Ken Odra    
18 Allex Zieg   Michael Marmolejo    
19 Luke Brown   Alejandra Urrutia    
20 Lindsay Greim   Nathan Tidball $45 $45
21 Kyler Orosco   Anthony Schanen    
22 Adrian Yamanoha   Tyler Salverda    
23 Jaclyn Azvedo   Brandon Howard    
24 Allison Azvedo   Jayson Boyce    
25 Stephen Abkin   Prestin Frazee    
26 Brock Bivins   Terron McElroy    
27 Rick Soro   Ashley Soto    
28 Martin Velasco   Dominic Fisher    
29 Hayden Fernandez   JR Barczyszyn    
30 Dylan Donahue   Andy Clark    
31 Pamela Faller   Jeremy Tuazon    
32 Ivan Ceballos   Jazmyn Beck    
33 Ryan Bass   Dan Bass    
34 Henry Lee   Joseph Sarreal Jr    
35 Brent Purugganan   Lamaki Welch    
36 Connor Steelmon-Hill   Roman Miller    
  Handicap Division        
1 Daniel Rios $270 Aarin Shepard $250 $520
2 Stephanie Hong $175 Jerry Wang $175 $350
3 JP Griffin $133 Akayla Orosco $125 $258
4 Gage Baker $230 Mark Baker   $230
5 James McGough $75 Hannah McGough $75 $150
6 Ethan Chambers $50 Nicholas Hockman $50 $100
7 Jai Kankariya $40 Neel Kankariya $40 $80
8 Nicholas Harnit $40 Nathan Harnit $69 $109
9 Chase Simmons   Jake Brown    
10 Nathan Chambers   Stephen Lee    
11 Jayden Macias   Mikey Villareal    
12 Justin Albert   Kyle Reed    
13 Richard Delgado   Anthony Garcia    
14 Ethan Soto   Brian Reed    
15 Caden Sham   Justo Sham    
16 Cameron Velasco   Juan Cortes    
17 Stone Martak   James Ochoa    
18 Brendan Bobersky $15 Britton Keene   $15
19 Devin Montoya   Angela Montoya    
20 Garrett Purugganan   Callista Bigornia    
21 Porfirio Jimeno III   Porfirio Jimeno    
22 Miranda Emery   Daniel Giegoldt    
23 Derek Lee   Nikka Lee    
24 Kaili Purugganan   Lathan Chin $15 $15
25 Kaitlyn Griffin $14 Ian Fiel   $14
26 Joshua Yamauchi   David Yamauchi    
27 Jesus Gutierrez   Jesse Gutierrez    
28 Clay Rees   Sara Miric    
29 Ethan Santos   Jamie Ferry    
30 Troyace Powers   Gabriel Regpala    
31 Yuron Henkels   Ryleigh Smyth    
32 Wiley Eubanks   Andre Eubanks    
33 Ronnie Castillo   Naomi Yamauchi    
34 Jon Abigania   Joe Smith    
35 Kaitlynn Yukihiro   Brayden Kimura    
36 Jason Weed $30 Greg Goodrich   $30
37 Drew Yamatsuka   Samuel Chun    
38 Tyler Weitzman   Hilary Weitzman    
39 Eddie Torres   Max Torres    
40 Xander Velasco   Alex Velasco Jr    
  High Games        
  Scratch Handicap      
1 Kaurin 288 Shepard 272    
2 A Calica 269 J McGough 270    
3 O'Hollaren 269 J Wang 267    
4 Salama 267 K Griffin 267    
5 Nakunz 267 3 tied with 266    
  Round Leaders        
  Scratch Handicap      
1 Guba/Kaurin Purugganan/Bigornia    
2 Morita/Sanwo Baker/Baker    
3 K Abigania/Salama Baker/Baker    
4 K Abigania/Salama Baker/Baker    
5 J Abigania/ Campagnale J Griffin/A Orosco    
6 K Abigania/Salama S Hong/J Wang    













click here for the Doubles events flyer

This event is sold out and on a wait list.  Please email to get on the list, or for any changes to the reserved list below!

Date: Saturday November 26, 2022  (This is ONE doubles tournament that is one day long.  Teams may be youth-youth OR youth-adult.  'Adult' is anyone 22 or over as of 8/1/22). 

Start Time: Bowling begins at 11 AM.

Re-entries?:  There's only one qualifying squad, so there are no re-entries this event..

Reservations:  Please email to reserve a spot.  You can prepay (not required) at the 'Prepaying' section of this website.  Reservations (paid or unpaid) must check in no later than 15 minutes before start time.  At that time, all bowlers will be taken on a first come, first serve basis until the field is full.

Format: Partner may be another junior OR an adult ('adult' means anyone 22 or over as of 8/1/22).  Qualifying round is 4 team games.  The top 40%, to a maximum of 48 total teams, then bowl a 2 game semifinals. The top 4 then do a Baker-format stepladder finals.  Bowlers may practice with any ball they want, but then must declare three balls to use for the rest of the event.  

Divisions/ Averages:  Scratch or handicap.  It is the teams' choice of division, except that teams over 400 must bowl scratch.   If this is your first JBT event this season, we will be asking for average info.  In most cases, your highest average from any current form of organized competition of at least 15 games is what we need.  If you bowl in multiple leagues / clubs, bring everything and we'll sort it out for you.  If you don't have 15+ games in any organized competition this season, we need your finishing 21-22 average, and any 2022 summer averages.  After your first JBT event, your average is re-rated before every JBT event according to JBT rules.  Please see JBT Rule 13 for complete details.

Points:  This event counts for So Cal and All-Conference points.  You earn points in the division in which your team competes.  Points qualify you for the big money season-ending Invitationals and Touring Players Championship, so get all you can.  Visit the 'statistics' section of the website to check on your points.  As the end of the season, the top 32 in So Cal points, plus anyone who had a top-4 finish in a So Cal event this season, advance to their respective Invitationals.

Entry fee: $80 per team.  Youth scholarship brackets are available for $2 each.  Separate adult singles cash brackets are $5 each.  Raffle tickets for Ebonite bowling balls, and our PowerBowl and '27' jackpots, are available on-site. 

Sponsor Incentive bonuses:  1) IAM Bowling: Bowlers making the final match of an event (scratch or handicap) wearing an IAM patch (good), any IAM shirt (better), or an IAM JBT shirt (best) earn point bonuses towards a $5,000 IAM incentive jackpot.  (The IAM patch is requested to be worn by all bowlers).   2) Virtue Bowling: Bowlers making the final match of an event (scratch or handicap, win or lose), using a Virtue Bowling shirt or patch, and a Virtue drilled ball, earn a $25 Virtue gift card.  

Covid details: JBT events follow- at least- all local Covid safety protocols, which you must be prepared for.   Please stay posted so you're not surprised about anything required of you. 

Scholarships: 1:6 in each division earn scholarships, scratch and handicap.  Minimum prizes are $400, $200, $150, $100.  Bowlers must finish in the top 4 once this season to qualify for that conference's Invitational, which features $1,000 for first place.  Bowlers who finish in the top 20 in a conference's points race, or the top 100 in all-conference points, qualify for the Touring Players Championship, featuring $2,500 for first.

Lane conditions: conditions vary from event to event, and are not posted prior to the event (unless otherwise announced).  Some events do not post the pattern until after qualifying.  Be ready for anything- it makes you a better bowler!  Check out previous patterns and corresponding cut scores at the 'lane conditions' section of this website.

Dress code:  Anything goes EXCEPT tank tops, hats, gym shorts, clothing promoting alcohol, drugs, or firearms, or excessively ripped or short clothing, subject solely to the director's discretion.  However, bowlers wearing slacks or dress shorts/skirts, and a 'name shirt' or PBA-style 'dye-sub' shirt, or college or high school team shirt, earn an extra 10 points on their season-long points total.  If you're not sure about dress code, check with us.  If you're new to us, the vast majority of the bowlers do dress in the 'bonus' dress code, and those points become very important, so plan accordingly.


This event is sold out and on a wait list.  Please email to get on the list, or for any changes to the reserved list below!

This reservation is an expectation that you will be bowling.  PLEASE do not forget to contact us if you need to cancel or adjust your reservation.  Repeated 'no-shows' may result in you not being able to reserve a spot.  This list may not be updated after the Friday of the event as we travel, etc. 

no.  bowler partner Sat 11 AM
1 Abigania, Jon Smith, Joe x
2 Abigania, Josh Campagnale, Bobby x
3 Abigania, Katelyn Salama, Solomon x
4 Abkin, Stephen Frazee, Prestin x
5 Adkins, Jerod Mota, Ernest x
6 Azvedo, Allison Boyce, Jason x
7 Azvedo, Jaclyn Howard, Brandon x
8 Baker, Gage Baker, Mark x
9 Bass, Ryan Fredericks, Andrea x
10 Bivins, Brock ? x
11 Bobersky, Brendan Keene, Britton x
12 Brown, Luke ? x
13 Calica, Aaron Piper, Zane x
14 Cardines, Cerell Loredo, Jennifer x
15 Castillo, Ronnie Yamauchi, Naomi x
16 Ceballos, Ivan Beck, Jazmyn x
17 Chambers, Ethan Hockman, Nicholas x
18 Chambers, Nathan Lee, Stephen x
19 Delgado, Richard Garcia, Anthony x
20 Donahue, Dylan Clark, Andy x
21 Emery, Miranda Giegoldt, Daniel x
22 Eubanks, Wiley Eubanks, Andre x
23 Faller, Pamela Tuazon, Jeremy x
24 Fernandez, Gavin ? x
25 Fernandez, Hayden Barczyszyn, JR x
26 Ferrell, Manny Huffman, Sebastian x
27 Greim, Lindsay Tidball, Nathan x
28 Greim, Zach O'Hollaren, Elias x
29 Griffin, JP Orosco, Akayla x
30 Griffin, Kaitlyn Fiel, Ian x
31 Guba, Andrew Kaurin, Mac x
32 Gutierrez, Jesus Gutierrez, Valerrhe x
33 Harnit, Nicholas Harnit, Nathan x
34 Henkels, Yurom Smyth, Ryleigh x
35 Hong, Daniel Chin, Leoj x
36 Hong, Stephanie Wang, Jerry x
37 Jimeno, Porfirio Jimeno, Porfirio x
38 Kankariya, Jai Kankariya, Neel x
39 Keller, Grant Molloy, Josh x
40 Kollstedt, Mason Thomas, John x
41 Lee, Derek Lee, Nikka x
42 Macias, Jayden Villareal, Mike x
43 Martak, Stone Ochoa, James x
44 Massengale, Tasia Patterson, Christopher x
45 McCollum, Wyatt Odra, Ken x
46 McElroy, Benaiah Erickson, Justin x
47 McGough, James McGough, Hannah x
48 Miller, Roman Ruiz, Peter x
49 Montoya, Devin Monotoya, Mom x
50 Montoya, Dominic Castronova, Tyler x
51 Morita, Matt Sanwo, Marc x
52 Orosco, Kyler Schanen, Anthony x
53 Powers, Troyace Regpala, Gabriel x
54 Purugganan, Brent Peavey, Mark x
55 Purugganan, Garrett Bigornia, Calista x
56 Purugganan, Kaili Chin, Lathan x
57 Reed, Kyle Albert, Justin x
58 Rees, Clay Miric, Sara x
59 Rees, Nic Rees, Lizzy x
60 Rios, Daniel Shepard, Aarin x
61 Rother, Brandon Nakunz, Bryce x
62 Saldivar, Steven Gutierrez, Jesse x
63 Santos, Ethan Ferry, Jamie x
64 Sham, Caden Sham, Justo x
65 Simmons, Chase Brown, Jake x
66 Soto, Ashley Soto, Rick x
67 Soto, Ethan Reed, Brian x
68 Steelmon-Hill, Connor MIller, Tyler x
69 Thoman-Smith, Tiana Esterson, Breeanne x
70 Torres, Eddie Torres, Max x
71 Velasco, Cameron Velasco, Alex Jr x
72 Velasco, Martin Fisher, Dominic x
73 Velasco, Xander Clay, Dious x
74 Weed, Jason Goodrich, Greg x
75 Weitzman, Tyler Weitzman, Hilary x
76 Yamanhoa, Adrian Salverda, Tyler x
77 Yamatsuka, Drew Chun, Samuel x
78 Yamauchi, Joshua Yamauchi, David x
79 Yukihiro, Kaitlynn Kimura, Brayden x
80 Zieg, Allex Marmolejo, Michael x
1 Katz, Timothy Katz, Timothy's dad x
2 Lee, Henry Sarreal, Joseph Jr x
3 Scharton, Connor Rosales, Memo x
4 Perham, Tristan Morris, Jeremy x
5 Wang, Mark Wang, Matt x
6 Jorge, Ethan ? x
7 Matherly, Cayden ? x
8 Meraz, Zoey ? x
9 Escurel, RJ Escurel, Cameron x