2018-19 JBT Schedule of Events

Events with extra details besides what's listed here are linked- click those links for details .  We suggest that you 'refresh' your browser now to make sure we haven't updated anything!

Events highlighted in yellow are special format events OPEN TO ANY JBT eligible bowler- be sure to check out the details at the website or on flyers available at JBT events.

Events highlighted in blue are special format events open only to bowlers WHO QUALIFY for them.  You can check your eligibility on the website, or drop us a line.

events in grey are still pending final confirmation- check back often!

PLEASE NOTE:  Most weekends below have two separate events, many of which are at one center.  If they are listed twice, such as November 11 and November 12, that means that each day is a separate event.  You can bowl either one or both on the weekend.  Events listed only once in a weekend, such as September 29-30,  indicates ONE event that is multiple days long.  You may or may not need to be at that event for all the days- check out each individual format. 

ALSO: If your local City, State, Pepsi, etc. tournament is multiple weekends long, compare your dates as you plan to not overlap your squad with a local JBT event!  Limited dates are available in each area, so a JBT weekend might overlap with one week of city or state for example, but almost always not all weekends.  Plan carefully to avoid an unpleasant decision later!  If you know of any local events you want us to try and avoid, TELL US!  The earlier you tell us, the better our chances are to work something out.






 Format  (Click here for details on JBT formats) (formats subject to change or adjusting to center needs)

Qualifying squad time(s)

July 25-28  


JBT Touring Players Championship

Strike Zone, Henderson NV

$2,000 first place, scratch & handicap

$400 first place, Girls and U17

open to the top 20 on any conference's final points list, OR the top 100 on the final all-conference points list- check your eligibility here



CALL 888-786-7389

or click this link to book online!

click here for details on this event



The TPC ends the 2018-19 season.  Click here for the 2019-20 schedule, which begins with the Desert Open!