Welcome to the 2018

JBT Las Vegas Main Event!


2018 singles champs Brennan Haugh, Lathan Chin, and Aileen Linares

Thanks for bowling in a fantastic Main Event!  A near-sellout field saw $38,791 in scholarships awarded to bowlers from all over North America.  PLEASE, help us spread the word all year long for the 2019 Main Event, Dec 26-30 at the South Point Plaza!


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Please spread the word, and join us for the fun and excitement of the 2019 Main Event, Dec 26-30 at the incredible South Point Bowling Plaza in Las Vegas!



click here to print the flyer for the 2018 event.  When you print it, you can then mail in a check with your entry.

click here to pay online- You can print out a flyer (which you'll still need to mail in), but pay by credit card or paypal here.  Plus, print out an extra copy or two of the entry blank and spread the word everywhere you go!

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Click here for the direct link to South Point Hotel to book rooms under our block.  Or, give them a call at 866-791-7626 and book under "JBT-Main Event 2018", or code JBT1221 online.

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What's great about Main Event?

THE LOCATION!   The beautiful South Point Bowling Plaza, a separate 60 lane facility from the traditional bowling center, is an incredible, tournament-only facility designed for events just like this!   South Point's hotel and casino, on Las Vegas Blvd just a few miles from the south end of The Strip, is world class at all levels!  Plus, our room rates waive the dreaded 'resort fee', and there is even a shuttle you can schedule for airport pickup!

FLEXIBLE FORMAT!  Don't have the time or budget for a long stay in Vegas?  No problem!  Our qualifying rounds are December 27-29, so you can start as late as the 29th, and get the whole tournament in for a one night stay!  (Of course, we have lots of events to make a multi-day stay exciting and worthwhile!)  So, you still have holiday time with your families, and you can also stay over for Team USA Trials (rooms 12/31 at South Point in our room block are a steal for New Year's, and the rates all week are great also!)

THE PRIZE FUND!   All first place prizes are guaranteed regardless of entries, including the big $3,000 first place prize in Open Scratch Singles.  2017 saw over $35,000 awarded to bowlers of all ages and averages- we believe that Main Event is the best 'bang for your buck' you can find in youth bowling!

WARM UP SWEEPERS!   Optional sweeper tournaments December 26 are your only chance to bowl on the Main Event pattern prior to the start of competition 12/27.

4-PERSON OPTIONAL TEAM EVENT!  A great 'fun atmosphere' event to relieve the pressure of singles, it's also a chance for adults to show off their stuff-  you can have a maximum of two adult (age 22 and over) bowlers on your team!

PLUS: All the great fun, competition, and professionalism you've come to expect at the Main Event!  Click on the links above to find out more, spread the word, and start making plans for December!











DO NOT USE THE AOL EMAIL BELOW!  (We can't figure out how to get rid of it).  Use director@bowljbt.com for all JBT and Main Event communication.