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Blanchard lonely.jpg (50570 bytes)  Five hours after his loss, Josh Blanchard still contemplates what happened in the tenth frame (just kidding, this was an accidental picture...)


Brennan board.jpg (77221 bytes)   Taylor Brennan shows off the scoreboard proclaiming his T of C victory


Lopez and Dad.jpg (75918 bytes)   A great Father's Day picture of Miguel Lopez and father Bobby Sr.


Ornelas Anderson.jpg (87465 bytes)  Good friends before and after their nerve-wracking title match, Emily and Joseph


Ornelas board.jpg (64580 bytes)   "Hey, that's my name!!"  Emily points out yet another Invitational win.


Ramsey Baker silly.jpg (78594 bytes)   BJ appears to be pretty happy with his swiping of Mike's 13th championship plaque...


Subaru 1.jpg (65483 bytes) Subaru 2.jpg (50684 bytes)  Attention JBT bowlers: you may only do this ONCE every 30 years.


Panaligan family.jpg (49557 bytes)  The happy Panaligan family after a thrilling victory at Suncoast


Pellegrino family.jpg (43286 bytes) For the first time in 10 years, a Pellegrino is a JBT champion.  Maddie (2nd from right) won at Suncoast, while her brother Mike last won an east coast JBT event back in 1994.

Parnell nap.jpg (46837 bytes)   Derrick Parnell is captivated by another thrilling end to a JBT event.

Lopez Bo.jpg (53827 bytes)   Bobby Lopez with er... championship plaque (?!)

Roswell girls.jpg (50567 bytes)  Some of the large crew from Roswell

Double Rainbow.jpg (36397 bytes)  A double (almost triple) rainbow on the way to Roswell

Cactus pickle.jpg (56903 bytes)  I worked at Catcus bowl for three years, and I always thought the Cactus on the wall, pictured here between Zach and Theo, looked far more like a pickle.  Combined with the Mexican / Italian green-white-red stripes, it made for a weird visual.  Cactus has remodeled, and the pickle will soon be painted over- so thus the memorial to Pickle Bowl.

Korean raffle.jpg (33053 bytes)   Raffle Tickets in different writing, part II: Korean!

Florez and Grant.jpg (60275 bytes)  NM conquers AZ: Florez and Grant finish 1-2 at Glenfair

Samaniego.jpg (58630 bytes) Any age, any average!: here's Dakota Samaniego, 50 average, a finalist at Fiesta Lanes (so was Mason Holman, with his 48 average!)

Majdanski J silly.jpg (36249 bytes)  Jason Majdanski shows his more serious side...

Pro QAm 005.jpg (77836 bytes) Outside before the ESPN Finals at the Geico Open

Silva SFe 003.jpg (46637 bytes) The ladies in Justin DeDera's life: girlfriend Crystal and mom Barbara

Silva SFe 004.jpg (53410 bytes) "Somebody get this crazy kid away from me!!!"

Silva SFe 006.jpg (35986 bytes) Still strong: ex-JBT superstar JD Nance

Silva SFe 007.jpg (61422 bytes) talking shop with Mr. Medina, Mr. Cuevas, Sam, and Jeremy

Silva SFe 008.jpg (63361 bytes) The Medinas, Delphina, and Dan enjoy the Silva culinary experience

Silva Albq 006.jpg (38413 bytes) Another "big guy" with a JBT award- Angelo Espinoza and his runner-up plaque.

Candiottis.jpg (72636 bytes) Tom and Casey Candiotti enjoy the Sun City West Open

Sun City crowd.jpg (65680 bytes) the huge crowd at the Sun City West Open

Sun City crowd 2.jpg (66571 bytes) more crowd at Johnson Lanes

Big Rock Ashley excited.jpg (66473 bytes) Ashley Dale and Jeanne Byer in the background, excited beyond words at Big Rock

Big Rock CHavez and mom.jpg (64884 bytes)  Yes, it was you!  Nattlee Chavez and proud mom

Big Rock Rapatz family.jpg (66326 bytes) Diamond Rapatz and happy grandparents at Big Rock



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