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 Van Kirk M.jpg (57922 bytes) Hey, that's my name!  Max's first ever 200 game gets him to the top

                            of the leaderboard after game one.

Powell 1.jpg (76685 bytes) Alex, Philip, and an '8'....

Powell 4.jpg (67089 bytes) Alex, Michael, and their Pros at the Pro-Am

gas in needles.jpg (40821 bytes) Someday we'll look back and remember how cheap this is.... ?!?!

havasu inlet.jpg (56218 bytes)  Beautiful Lake Havasu City inlet...

london bridge.jpg (69168 bytes) ....and world famous London Bridge

Eagle A.jpg (35109 bytes)   Mr. & Mrs. Brennan

Candiotti trophy.jpg (37086 bytes) potential 2019 JBT SW Bowler of the Year Casey Candiotti

Eagle B.jpg (35933 bytes) Matt Payne

Eagle C.jpg (36716 bytes) it's called a 'bowling ball', Taylor...

Eagle D.jpg (35835 bytes) Lanndyn Carnate wearing his Hawaii colors

Eagle F.jpg (45959 bytes) the traveling New Mexicans

Eagle G.jpg (40767 bytes) Rachelle Davis cool enough for shades

Eagle H.jpg (65015 bytes) The Costa Crew is down to the Costa Two, Jimmy and Derek

Eagle I.jpg (65532 bytes) Philip, Rachel, and Rachelle

Eagle J.jpg (67368 bytes) Hey!  It's De Shaun Jefferson!!

Eagle K.jpg (54128 bytes) Kylee and Austen both give their best smiles for us...

Eagle M.jpg (46358 bytes) Kris already beats everyone righty, so how about lefty?

Eagle N.jpg (37643 bytes) Robert Smith working on his form

Eagle O.jpg (54829 bytes) WHAT was on that french fry??!?

Eagle Mara.jpg (191161 bytes) Felicia Mara after her impressive debut

Eagle P.jpg (62050 bytes) Evan Tolson working on his opposite hand skills

Baton Rouge.jpg (103217 bytes) The view from ABC Nationals 2005 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

marcus mullins.jpg (65152 bytes) 3 year-old Marcus Mullins becomes our youngest entrant ever, and held his own in the tournament as well!

Payne mom.jpg (55298 bytes) Dueling cameras with Mrs. Payne

Bedrox Frontier 003.jpg (51286 bytes) Happy ladies at Frontier: Lindsay Salhoff's mom, Tiffany King, and Frontier champ Lindsay

Blanchard bfc.jpg (68075 bytes) Mayall bfc.jpg (40989 bytes) So Cal Inv crowd.jpg (67118 bytes) from the So Cal Invitational: Josh and Kaitlin's "big fake checks", the finalists pose

Mesa crowd.jpg (45061 bytes) the crowd at BRC Zone Mesa

KaitlinJennyMimi.jpg (148439 bytes) Mimi'sMom.jpg (161231 bytes) down time in Laughlin: Kaitlin, Jenny, and Mimi; 'Mimi's mommy' hiding on the river...

Kearney Mesa bunch.jpg (144981 bytes) Team JBT from Kearny Mesa: Kaitlin, Anthony, Andrew, and Mimi

AZ Inviter misc 901.jpg (65311 bytes) AZ INviter 902.jpg (80047 bytes) AZ INviter 903.jpg (86577 bytes) 

From the AZ Invitational: Justin turns $10 into $1000; The large crowd watches the finals; Invitational finalists

AZ INviter 904.jpg (92564 bytes) AZ INviter 905.jpg (82154 bytes)

Bruce does some 'Arizona Living'; the JBT SW 'set' before another event begins...

TPC 004.jpg (53045 bytes) Jerod gives Andy a lift after his big TPC win

VegasOpenCollage.jpg (157035 bytes) a GREAT collage from JBT SW bowler Allie Ijams