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Carrper License plate.jpg (49268 bytes) now THIS is JBT dedication!  The Carper's license plate

Shirt Lady.jpg (82258 bytes) Lynn Lee, aka The Shirt Lady

Banner.jpg (84626 bytes) the beautiful 300 game banner created by said Shirt Lady

YMCA 3.jpg (56014 bytes) YMCA 2.jpg (59281 bytes) YMCA 1.jpg (53193 bytes) Jerod Florez, the ringleader of the Campaign To Take Over Johnny Rocket's Via "YMCA" dancing.. you can catch this video on the Videos page as well.

Ijams.jpg (39912 bytes)  Allie & Forrest clowning around at Mira Mesa

Chefalo.jpg (67865 bytes) Josh Chefalo, Riverside Lanes runner-up

samwendy_edited.JPG (46675 bytes) Western Women's Pro Doubles pro-am champ Sam Meyers with Wendy MacPherson

Ros crowd good 1.jpg (57328 bytes) The NM road warriors

Ros Vargas Johnson.jpg (63473 bytes) Roswell runner-up Amanda Johnson and champ Sara Vargas

Glen plaque theif.jpg (64684 bytes) "Gimme back my plaque!!!"

10pins yoders.jpg (106401 bytes) The Yoder family, with 5 year-old 5th-place finisher Michael Yoder

Santa Cruz group good.jpg (110147 bytes) Our first great group photo in a while, from Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz pizzi tears.jpg (78680 bytes) An instant JBT Classic photo: tears of joy from Steven Pizzi moments after his first ever 300 game!

bowler pyramid.jpg (414139 bytes) a JBT bowler pyramid!

Curry family.jpg (209597 bytes) The Curry family after Michael's first win

Falk carried.jpg (289679 bytes) Amanda getting a lift from Taylor, Eric, and Jerod

Jefferson Bear Medina.jpg (402700 bytes) Bear, DeShaun, and Jeremy think things over

super bowl scorecard.jpg (47207 bytes) The most artistic (and fairly accurate) Super Bowl prediction scorecard we've ever had, courtesy of Alex Katz

Nance, DeDera, and dog.jpg (46458 bytes)  JD has two new helpers: Justin DeDera and Poochie

Medinas both nice.jpg (62765 bytes) Two Medinas, BOTH happy!!!

Peck S.jpg (46445 bytes) Psychedelic Shane at Strike Zone

DV Feb group good.jpg (102080 bytes) a happy bunch at Deer Valley celebrating Eric's first win

Sloan jensen twins.jpg (13898 bytes) Wonder Twin powers, activate!!

Coyle sleeping.jpg (12404 bytes)  you know what, come up with your own caption for this one.

Parkway 2 frantic points.jpg (72755 bytes) "Did I make the Invitational??  Did I, huh???"

Huether and mom.jpg (10122 bytes) New JBT champ Paul Huether and his tearful, happy mom

Mojave group.jpg (14168 bytes) The crowd at Thunder

...Goodbye, Showboat.

Antelope Bryce & Bryanna.jpg (97990 bytes) Bryce and sister Bryanna celebrate Bryce's first win

Antelope group great.jpg (86028 bytes) more celebrating with Bryce

Starlite Florez BJ.jpg (78074 bytes) "What? A WIN??  What? Another second???"

Union Nellis Nellis good 1.jpg (38965 bytes) relaxing in the Nellis lounge

orangeshirt boys.jpg (81539 bytes) Lotsa orange

hills brothers.jpg (99965 bytes)  The Hill brothers

DeDera, Silva, etc grads.jpg (130765 bytes) David Jenkins, Mike Moyer, and grads Justin DeDera and Brandy Silva

Silva b grad.jpg (108192 bytes) Brandy turns her JBT scholarship into a diploma!

Sunset Mesa Allred upside down.jpg (41737 bytes) um......

Suncoast with Spies.jpg (45101 bytes) lookout, Paul, they let Jeff out again....

French Hetkowski.jpg (10982 bytes) a slightly different look on Mark's face than above...

Hemer camera.jpg (12560 bytes) I see you!

Hemer Feiner.jpg (12633 bytes) deep in thought

NM T of C champs and Nance.jpg (78898 bytes) JD with the NM T of C champs

NM T of C group.jpg (79069 bytes) another plaque-filled group

Desert Open Jackson Jones.jpg (87193 bytes) "Bad shirt!  You made me miss the cut!  Bad, bad shirt!"

SRB group good.jpg (75612 bytes) Cliff Castle '06

Cactus group good.jpg (97822 bytes) Pickle Bowl '06

Vista sign.jpg (45284 bytes) Well, it's the thought that counts....

Havasu LB is.jpg (112403 bytes) "London Bridge is..."

Havasu falling down.jpg (94036 bytes) "... falling down!"

Suncoast group.jpg (57643 bytes)  Suncoast fun

Big Rock Guzman Scheer.jpg (69460 bytes) Leo & Ryan

Big Rock Texans.jpg (67780 bytes) Don't mess with Texas!

taylor&allie.jpg (72118 bytes) Taylor, Allie, and that ridiculous toy Mesa was selling

07 Tenpins scoreboard.jpg (73105 bytes) Nice 9th frame, Jeff...

07 XTown team black and red.jpg (49135 bytes) The Kaizen Krew...

07 CA NV Doubles Emery good.jpg (78787 bytes) The Emerys celebrate their first titles

Jerod Florez in his natural environment.... there's gotta be more captions than that... send 'em in!

07 Cain and Duong.jpg (69498 bytes) Andrew Cain and Mimi Duong before his TV Debut

drewnandrew.JPG (42983 bytes) ...and with Drew Stern...

samnandrew.JPG (50274 bytes) ...and with Sam Meyers!

RashSam_edited.JPG (41824 bytes) ... and Sam with Sean Rash (yet another JBT and PBA champ)

CainSam_edited.JPG (44308 bytes) ... and Andrew again

CicconeSam_edited.JPG (54475 bytes) ... and JBT champ Joe Ciccone...

OneillSam_edited.JPG (58438 bytes) ... and east coast JBT star Bill O'Neill...

Grant plaque thing.jpg (91179 bytes) ... plaques have multiple uses...

Silva Sophie & Justin.jpg (74161 bytes) ... Sophie and Justin Oertel

NM bunch 1.jpg (83850 bytes) ... NM bunch

james1_edited.jpg (72882 bytes) ...yeah, I shot 300, that's right, mm hmm...

wesley2.JPG (64409 bytes) ...this place was a fantasy for Wesley, who had his best finish ever

jbt1.jpg (16677 bytes) jbt2.jpg (17731 bytes) jbt3.jpg (19265 bytes) jbt4.jpg (17317 bytes) some screen caps from the awesome posters from the El Paso PBA show!

It's Holly!

07 Hemer.jpg (55389 bytes) Hard at work...

Allie BJ.jpg (72541 bytes) a horrible blue disease struck both Allie & BJ at the same time

Wheat grass.jpg (77844 bytes) um... 3 orders of wheat grass to go?!?

Curry.jpg (415092 bytes)  It's Michael!

vera2.JPG (17097 bytes) We miss you.

vera4.JPG (158161 bytes)

07 Shea JR and Jones.jpg (61937 bytes) very, very verde.

Byer 21 pic 1.jpg (31169 bytes) Byer 21 pic 2.jpg (29783 bytes) What happens when you turn 21, stays.... 

I'm usually not much on nicknames, but wow....

07 NW INvite Dean in action.jpg (71190 bytes) First, Dean Richards almost hits PowerBowl... then... 


07 NW INvite Kyle PBowl copy.jpg (73465 bytes) Kyle Frederick- and his thrilled parents- moments after his $2,500 PowerBowl win!!!

 Allie Sleeping.jpg (72605 bytes) the Nellis couch strikes again!

07 King Taylor.jpg (45773 bytes) ...and again!

...if you're having trouble finding a mother's day card, just write your greeting on the mom of your choice!

...and another event in the books!

07 Cac Brox Shipman and gf.jpg (38956 bytes) new champ Tyler Shipman

07 Cac Brox Lee Burris 2.jpg (66172 bytes) happy Kristen and Marc

07 Cac Brox Lee K Burris.jpg (44133 bytes) and more happiness!

07 Blanchard and Cross.jpg (59568 bytes) Mike Cross pays Josh for a picture...

07 Blanchard bfc great.jpg (93674 bytes) Josh with the spoils of victory

07 AZ Invite Sullivan bfc.jpg (60927 bytes) ..says it all!

07 CA Invite Jackson bfc.jpg (60182 bytes)... so does this...

07 CA Invite Dukes bfc.jpg (60858 bytes)... and this!

07 Cross bfc.jpg (83789 bytes).. and this!

07 Blanchard lane talk.jpg (76280 bytes) Josh & Rhino give out some sage wisdom...