Here's some JBT history in pictures- some old classics are mixed in with newer pics... feel free to email us your contributions! Enjoy!

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AZ Invite 1.jpg (43260 bytes)        Bob Lasters smaller.jpg (47867 bytes)        Dad and Jeff AZ INvite.jpg (30679 bytes)        Haugen and Bry.jpg (51857 bytes)

AZ Invite '00                        Lots of Lasters!                Dad and Jeff                   Bry and Michael

        JBT Vegas 02.jpg (44737 bytes)     JD and Kalli.jpg (48830 bytes)  

                 Vegas winners               good sports...

JD and Kalli funny.jpg (56799 bytes)        Kyrene champs.jpg (54556 bytes)    LAugh 1.jpg (59129 bytes)

... or not-so-good sports     Kyrene winners        Laughlin winners  

  NM Crew prom 2.jpg (47199 bytes)    NM Invite 1.jpg (49448 bytes)    Old Jeff Storm.jpg (60169 bytes)

       lookin' sharp!            NM Invite 02             old school Jeff '99


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