A packed field of over 700 bowlers from 21 states and Canada took part in the 2005 Storm Las Vegas Main Event, presented by the Junior Bowlers Tour Southwest.  $38,795 in scholarships was awarded to the field.  After three exhausting days of intense competition, Nathan Panaligan claimed the Open Scratch crown, Danielle Schilling won the Girls Scratch title, and Micah Kamiyama triumphed in the handicap division.

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       We'd like to personally thank each and every one of you who attended our tournament.  We know you invest a lot of time, energy, and money to get there, so we really hope we provided you with an experience that will make you want to return for years to come.  We had an awfully fun time running it, so we hope you had fun bowling in it! 

   A tournament of that size is not possible without a great staff, so I'd like to publicly thank tournament co-director Mark Feiner and my very large crew of asssistants: Tami Sloan, Jerod Florez, Jeremy Medina, Rachel Carr, Philip Schwartz, Heather Brown, Nathan Panaligan, DJ Sloan, Kacy Bonifacini, Teresa Jensen, Jessica Hetkowski, Emily Ornelas, MIke Chi, DeShaun Jefferson, and Christina Waldron.  also thanks to Lynn and Mike Lee from Cody's Sportswear for being there all weekend to man the Main Event merchandise station.  Thanks to Jim Callahan for coordinating the Storm sponsorship, along with Ricky Corona, and guest appearances by Storm staffers and PBA stars Eric Forkel and Joe Salvemini.  Last but certainly not least, thanks to Mr. Jerry Francomano and his staff at Texas Station for doing an absolutely great job as the host center, now and forever, of the Main Event! 

   We welcome your comments about the event- you may contact me directly at  Most of the format of this event was created from the bowlers' input, and we'll adjust according to your input each year.  

   Overall, we had a fantastic time, and hope you did as well.  We hope to see all of you, and plenty more folks as well, at the 2006 Storm Las Vegas Main Event at Texas Station!

    If you would like a pack of entries mailed to you, so you can help us spread the word at your local leagues / tournaments for the 2006 Main Event, we'd love to send one to you!  Please email us at, and we'll get a pack out to you when 2006 Main Event entries are available!