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champs Greg Garbera and Jonah Seawright

    Greg Garbera and Jonah Seawright finished off the regular season NM-TX schedule with wins in exciting JBT action at Santa Fe's Silva Lanes.

     Stephen Gaucin, the previous day's champion in Espanola, opened the stepladder finals with a 269-221 win over Justin Medina.  Gaucin then turned up the heat even more in an 11-strike, 279-171 win over Chris Pierson.  #2 seed Nathan Shock then only managed a 159 game, but to his, well, shock, it was enough to beat Gaucin 159-133 to advance to the title match.

   Greg Garbera had already made his long trip from Arizona worth it with a 300 game the previous day at Big Rock, and things got even better for him as he led the field on Sunday.  In a well-bowled finale, Greg beat Nathen 247-226 for the win, the third title of Garbera's JBT career.

   The Barress siblings, Josh and Tricia, have both had very good seasons, but have missed a lot of stepladder finals by heartbreakingly small margins.  Josh avoided that this time, sneaking into the #5 position for the finals, and then catching fire.  He began with a 283-190 walloping of Tevynn Laws, who made his first finals in a while.  Josh then beat Stephanie Barela 250-215, and followed with a 199-177 win over Alex Clark to reach the title match.

   Top seed Jonah Seawright is looking to close the gap to handicap points leader Billy Read, and leading the event here sure didn't hurt.  He finished off the fine day with a 242-221 win over Barress, for his second title of the season.

  Thanks to everyone at Silva's for another fine job hosting our Tour.  Over $1,700 in scholarships were awarded.  The field is now set for the NM-TX Invitational, featuring a $1,000 first place scholarship per division. See you there!


SILVA LANES- top finishers and other scholarship winners

Scratch Division

1. Greg Garbera, $350

2. Nathan Shock, $121

3. Stephen Gaucin, $105

4. Chris Pierson, $70

5. Justin Medina, $172

6. Dan Romero

7. Matt Helmick

8. Diego Lucero

9. Chris Varholdt, $45

10. Jason Schindwolf

11. Charlie Elliott, $14

12. Sam Cuevas, $15

13. Jess Gagliardi

14. Nick Muller

15. William Entsminger

16. Travis Turner

17. Andy Byer

18. Ryan Scheer

19. Ricky Griego, $5

20. David Jaramillo


Handicap Division

1. Jonah Seawright, $448

2. Joshua Barress, $100

3. Alex Clark, $60

4. Stephanie Barela, $40

5. Tevynn Laws, $30

6. Marcos Armijo, $16

7. Mike Romero, $30

8. Sophie Diaz

9. Sam Zermeno

10. Tim Baribeau, $15

11. Billy Read, $24

12. Josh Helmick

13. Debbie Read

14. Jamar McDaniel, $16

15. Jeremy Larance

16. Seth Jaramillo, $30

17. Elizabeth Romero, $15

18. Eric Sanford, $15

19. Andrea Jaramillo, $15

20. Tricia Barress

21. Lacey Shelton, $5

22. Wendy Shelton

23. Peter Cane

24. Olivia Silva

25. Sara Vargas, $5

26. Annabeth Griego, $15

27. Micayla Scheer

28. Tonia Barela


Ebonite Ball Winner: Jerod Florez




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