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A highly revised schedule of events through 7/26 is now at our schedule page, but this is a highly fluid situation that is constantly changing.  We will post all updates here and our facebook page; please check OFTEN.  If an upcoming weekend does continue, we suggest bringing as few spectators as possible, make cancel-able reservations, and to skip events if you are sick, uncomfortable, or immunocompromised in any way.  Additional details at our COVID page.

Events 7/3, 7/4, & 7/5 at Triangle have been POSTPONED and may be cancelled altogether.  Please stay tuned for updates- it's unclear when PNW centers will be able to host events of our size.

Events 7/18 & 7/19 have been POSTPONED until at least late August, and may be cancelled altogether. Stay tuned for additional announcements on these events.

The TPC has been split into two qualifying squads.  We need you to now contact us again (sorry) to reserve a squad timeMore info on the TPC page.

CURRENT JBT CHAMPIONS: (click on the "Schedule & Results" page for all event recaps)






Event: TPC


Let It Roll / INVITATIONAL The 'Primo' at Cal Strike Zone / INVITATIONAL Paradise
Click to enlarge:

Champs (titles): Solomon Salama (20th) & Noah Sicard (1st)

Will Davis (9th) & Aiden Ruiz-Jimenez (2nd); Blayne Hurst (3rd) & Aiden Ruiz-Jimenez (3rd)

Clifford Robbins (4th) & Jason Gootzeit (1st); Cortez Schenck (96th) & Jake Creek (1st) Gael Egana (9th) & Mark Wang (2nd);Elias O'Hollaren (3rd) & Elias Luna (1st) ; Zach Greim (9th) & James Burke (2nd); Zach Greim (9th) & Faythe Reid (1st)  Tyler Coates (10th) & Hannah Hamilton (1st)



$6,880 $7,520 $7,670 $2,410
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next up: 2020 TPC, July 23-26, 2020



look for our 2020-21 schedule soon!


Look for our 2020-21 schedule soon!

Stay tuned for a revised date for upcoming So Cal events.

email us at to make a reservation

Look for our 2020-21 schedule soon!  

July 3-4-5 events postponed ; stay tuned for updates

email us at to make a reservation



Click here for details on the the JBT's Las Vegas Main Event

$43,628 awarded in 2019!

2019 Main Event champs Solomon Salama, Nathan Tang, & Adel Wahner

Details on the 2020 Main Event, Dec 26-30 at South Point, available summer 2020!



The POWERBOWL Jackpot is now: $1,000...

but, pull a lucky card and you'll play for

$5,000.00 !!!

Wanna win it?  Simply bowl a JBT event!  Click here for details.


Danielle Fincham- $1,000 PowerBowl WINNER- 6/20/20




Tai Garrett $1000 winner 3/1/20...    Josh Williams $1000 winner 10/3/19... TJ Thalman $1000 winner 6/2/19... Brad Harvey $1000 winner 3/26/17... Matteo Bergonzi $1000 winner 3/20/16... Joe Grondin $1000 winner 3/27/16... Austin Gilbert $300 winner 5/1/16... CJ Todeschi $1,000 winner 7/3/15... Cerell Cardines $400 winner 3/1/15...   Tyler Boe $600 winner 1/10/15...   Dante Rohe $500 winner 9/20/14... Randi Speiler $1,000 winner 9/6/14... Harley Sweigart $775 winner 12/1/13... Ben Canfield $1,000 winner 9/8/12... Dominic Luna $1,000 winner 5/6/12...   Josh Mullen $1,000 winner 8/28/11...   Britni Glasspool $500 winner 3/14/10... William Entsminger $425 winner 6/6/09...   Cameron Smith $300 winner 2/28/09...   Ryan Gallagher $600 winner 2/15/09...  Zach Hemming $1,000 winner 12/14/08...   Andy Byer $300 winner 1/5/08...   BJ Baker $600 winner 12/9/07...   Dan Hansen $2,150 winner 11/10/07...   Kyle Frederick $2,500 winner 5/12/07...  



We would like to thank our sponsors for their generous support of JBT events:

is the Junior Bowlers Tour's amazing Title Sponsor!  Ebonite equipment is raffled off at every JBT event!

  Priority Girl Magazine is the presenting sponsor of the JBT Girls Scratch subdivision, Girls Invitationals, and Girls TPC.  Check out the latest issue- there's probably a JBT girl in it!

    MSC, Inc. is a tremendous sponsor of So Cal JBT events, and the JBT 300 event bonus.  Check them out in the North County area!

  Logo Infusion is the official supplier of our fantastic JBT merchandise!  Check them out at

  Target Line Bowling and owner John Wilson offer coaching for all levels since 1974.  Check them out today!  

Bright View Landscaping is a proud sponsor of JBT events!  No matter where you are, they are probably in your area!  Check them out at

  Bowling Dynamics is a proud sponsor of Arizona JBT events!  They have locations at BRC Kyrene and AMF Christown, stop in and say thanks, and visit them online at Use Bowling Dynamics to take your game to the next level!                                           

 Mark Baker Bowling & Camp Bakes is a great series of bowling seminar-camps run by PBA champion Mark Baker (aka Gage's Dad).  You can visit for more information!


For more information on how individuals, groups, or businesses can sponsor JBT events and increase the scholarship prizes our bowlers are playing for, contact us today!


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