Welcome to the 2014

JBT Las Vegas Main Event!

2014 singles champs Adel Wahner, Michael Tang, and William Robbins

Thanks to each and every one of you for bowling- please help us start spreading the word right now for the 2015 Main Event!


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(pre-Main Event stuff we'll leave down here just because):


December 27-30, 2014    -    Texas Station, Las Vegas NV

Scratch, Girls Scratch, and Handicap    -   Singles, Doubles, Team, Junior Gold   -  $20,000+ in estimated scholarships!

Separate scratch & handicap singles side event December 31

2013 champs Alexa Lanning, Oscar Chan, and Elise Bolton


What's new?

THE DATES!  Qualifying December 27-29 (you can start as late as the 29th) and the finals December 30 gives you more holiday time with your families, and allows you to stay over for New Year's in Vegas, or Team USA Trials 1/2-5 (rooms 12/31 at Texas are just an affordable $85, and cheaper every other day!)

THE SIDE EVENT:  12/31 will be a separate, scratch and handicap singles event, open to anyone (even if you didn't bowl Main Event).  It's part of our year-round regular JBT season, and will also be done by 5 PM for your New Year's plans.

BEST-BALL DOUBLES!   The popular Main Event doubles will now be 'best ball' doubles: if you strike, and your partner gets an open, your team gets the strike!  A very exciting twist on doubles!

What's NOT new?

All the great fun, competition, and professionalism you've come to expect at the Main Event!  Click on the links below to find out more, spread the word, and start making plans for December!



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